Demo: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (Xbox 360)

Name: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Demo
Price: Free
Availability: Not available in Asia, Canada, Mexico or the U.S

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Havince4263d ago


i mean, i live in the Uk so doesnt bother me but WHY

or have i missunderstood this

sgaap4263d ago

Maybe there'se a nipple somewhere in the game

predator4263d ago

u havent missunderstood mate, dont know y, worth i check out any way since im in the uk 2

dissectionalrr4263d ago

off topic question: what is the "manchester united" logo in your profile for? i live in orlando, fl and i always see british tourists wearing weird shirts with that logo on them. it's funny, you can tell a brit tourist from a mile away by the weird shirt and daisy dukes. it's quite funny. serious question though....

romaink4263d ago

They're one of the best football clubs in Europe... and because it's different to you, that doesn't mean it's weird.

Evil Rant Monkey4263d ago

is that you call Soccer, Football. What do u call Football?

InMyOpinion4263d ago

Too bad they got butchered in Champions League ;)
Football (soccer...) is the largest sport in the world, americans need to wake up and look outside their window.

Smellslikepie4263d ago


I think it's a little more weird that you call a sport where you primarily carry the ball with your hands "Football" and you call a sport where you kick the ball with your feet "Soccer".

Anyway, we invented football :P

Oh, and in response to your question.. We call your"football" Rugby. That's the closest thing we have to it over here and it's what your "football" is based on

gta_cb4263d ago

yeh it is an off topic question isnt it lol.
Man U is one of the best football clubs of all time, just like Ferrari being one of the best F1 teams of all time. (trying to relate to americans as they dont know how brilliant football really is.)

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Evil Rant Monkey4263d ago

You British folk were supposed to be good at english.

gta_cb4263d ago

oooo trying to start a fight? lol j/k

Evil Rant Monkey4263d ago

To download this demo... i am..... Canadian!!!

gta_cb4263d ago

it still works? =O i thought MS has patched this issue! .... hmmmm i am glad i didnt delete my american account then! =D best of both worlds! =D

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