Blazing Angels 2 screens at 9 o'clock

Ubisoft's combat series Blazing Angels is returning to dogfight on PC and Xbox 360 this year in Blazing Angels: Secret Missions - new screenshots from the sequel have been released.

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sgaap4228d ago

Maybe the gameplay and framerate will be better than the last one...

bumnut4228d ago

i can't believe that they are making this game. the 1st one was terrible is every way possible, but my personal favourite was the guys running along the ground with approx 3 frames of animation.

i hope this one is better but as we all know ubisoft will release it anyway with hardly any improvements just like graw 2

ASSASSYN 36o4227d ago

I enjoyed the first one...minus the idiots running across the field, and the stupid voices of your wingmen. But, other than that I enjoyed the game because I love flight sims.

Skynetone4227d ago

needs better online mode
need to be able to play as ground forces or atleast derect there path
a two player with someone controlling machine gun aim
your wing men should do less talking and more shooting. dame how do they servive for more then a minute is a mistery