Need For Speed: SHIFT Tops UK Chart

EA's Need For Speed: SHIFT has topped the UK all format software chart in its first week of release, knocking Guitar Hero 5 off the number one spot.

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sak5003946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

Great game, one of the best ones played in a while. Not so difficult as well and you can customise to the assists to your liking. In Grid in some races i just cudnt' manage to win even if i tried n number of times but in this one if you persist long enough you will eventualy find a way to win the race. Graphics are great as well and the incar cam with shaky vision and hands showing that you're driving an actual car with proper movement unlike the GT5 arms which are added as an afterthought like damaage and look like they are holding the steering wheel of a hovercraft on an ice rink absolutly no realim.

edit: so i hit a nerve on some sony fanboy for the disagree(s)?

edit#2: Yes, i loved the nfs till the first most wanted on the pc. You know i remeber upgrading my 486Dx pc to a pentium 90Mhz just so i could play the NFS. Was amazed at the tyre smokes and skid marks back in early 90s. IN their later iterations they got more into that Fast and furious type of gameplay. This one is although not open road racing but still very well done. Now all they need to do is to take this formula to open roads, with cops, helis and road traps and speed cams ;)

AndyA3946d ago

Yeah, I agree sak - I'm impressed by Shift, defintiely a step in the right direction for the NFS series.

green3946d ago

Really like the game as well but it is not a true sim but more like a harder to control PGR than a Forza or GT rival.But it's still a fun game to play and will keep racing fans happy till either Forza or GT comes out.

Leord3946d ago

Well deserving the position to be honest.

Dorjan3946d ago

Nice! I remember seeing the videos for this game on IncGamers and got really excited, I guess it is good enough too!

Maticus3946d ago

Saw a good advert for this on TV over the weekend, I'm sure that has something to do with it :)

Chazmers3946d ago

great game and well deserved at number 1 spot. Is going to keep me occupied till GT5!

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