OXCGN's Forza 3 September Update #7

Well the fun just doesn't stop on Forza 3. Not content with just delivering 100 Ferrari images 2 days ago, a day later comes this excellent video with Pro Racer PJ De Vera, discussing his role in all 3 Forza's...

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Godem4822d ago

good news... but that first in dash view screenshot.. kinda looks like crap.

TotalPS3Fanboy4821d ago

I thought Forza 3 is suppose to look great. That picture just look so fake.

XboxOZ3604822d ago

It does, doesn't it, I know the 330 P4 is sans a lot of detail, as they were bone-basic, drive by the seat of your pants types of racers, but it is lacking detail in the image, that's for sure. However, when you check the dash further down the list of images, closer to the very end . . the dash there is extremely detailed, as was the ones from the R1 series in the last Ferrari image bank a few days ago.

SO this one seems right out of character to all the other.

Of course it will now become the talking piece for all Sony fans to drum up the fact that Forza is rubbish naturally.

KingKionic 4822d ago

I personally ...(I know i have said this before)
Can not WAIT to drive the bugatti veyron .I might even make it look like this guy


Peter North4822d ago

Ugly ugly game with no chance at competing with Gran Turismo 5.

Darkeyes4822d ago

Lol.... Watch this Ferrari pic of Forza (The third pic.. So don't say I picked it up from somewhere.)


LMFAO... And now say Forza>>>GT LOL

You see MGSR... Even I can point out the worst Forza images and say Forza sucks.... 1080P vs 720P... I thought you guys were good with numbers????? Lol do you even know that GT5 pushes 2wice as many pixels as Forza.... Try harder next time

I did not murder him4822d ago (Edited 4822d ago )

Forza 3 > GT5 Watch the HD version.

GT5 doesn't have as much simulation going in the forground or the background nor does it have the poly count or detail in the environments.

XboxOZ3604822d ago (Edited 4822d ago )

And you're typical of a fanboy that seizes on something and runs with it like a rapid dog. WHo doesn't read other posts and see what others are saying or presenting.

Yes, that image suck bg time, I certainly won't stick up for it, it's shocking, but if you check many others you'll see that it is right out of context to all others submitted.

ANy fool could see that. Take a look at the Veyron video on that site here ( and then say the detail is not a great representation of a vehicle. When you do, you'll see that there is something drastically 'wrong' with the image you have latched hold of . . .

But fanboys won't let that go, and willrun with it like a pack with a bone . . .

MerkinMax4822d ago (Edited 4822d ago )

He has 82 posts today. Hopefully one day he sees how he wasted his life defending a piece of technology.

Greywulf4822d ago

Doesn't run 1280x1080 @ 60fps either. GT5's car models have more detail than Forza could ever imagine, including scripting on headlights, animated spoilers and drivers. Wake me up when you can compare Forza3 to real life, because the unrealistic flat plastic lighting just can't do it. Especially from in -game captures.

All forza fans can ever hope to be hyped about is the Photomode. Because in game, looks like forza with a GTCONCEPT lighting model, which F2 should have had to begin with. The physics are hilarious, anyone have the Gif with the lambo floating on the invisible walls? Turn10 has a fine game, but they killed themselves when they tried to pretend that they had anything on a 50 million unit franchise.

You guys think its a huge jump, yet outside of simple physics hz adjustments, none of you can list 10 things that are X2 in forza3, that F2/Other games didn't have. HDRI Lighting &Ckpit view The only selling points for forza's have always been the same 2 features. Unrealistic damage, and painting.

KingKionic 4822d ago

I say the selling point for forza 2 was the "social" feeing .

And even in forza 3 it seems it`s the same ...with great graphics as a incentive .

But i think turn 10 did a good job at giving you the feeling of accomplishment with there community features .

7ero H3LL4822d ago (Edited 4822d ago )

that veyron vid is no joke that shows the amount of polygons in their cars so whatever little blemishes you see they ain't going to be there.

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CreepyB4822d ago

gran turismo 5 makes forza 3 look like hooters road trip for the ps1.

Peter North4822d ago

"We will never create a game that will impact the world as Gran Turismo has".

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