InsideGamer: Resident Evil 5 (PC) Review

IG writes: "I have really trouble with games involving the release date varies by platform. A period not exceeding one months or two might still be, but in the case of Resident Evil 5 feels like it very late in the day. It is over half years since the game released on the console and the PC version now finally appeared."

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danthegardner3938d ago

What is a 8+. I never knew that existed. I give this a B.5

Obama3938d ago

lol yeah I was like what? 8+?

ReviewsArePolitics3938d ago

I guess that, with my name, I also need a nickname:

"ReviewScoresDontMakeSen se"

21/20 (for uncharted)

110 (for mario galaxy)

8+ for RE5

7 + an imaginary number which somehow makes halo ODST reach a "10" according to the halo lovers XD

The Hunter3938d ago

Its a 8 but a little better ;)