People playing Seaman 2

The follow-up to Sega's unique creature-raising game, where you are the proud owner of a tank containing the rare Seaman creature breed. Half fish, half man, and all curmudgeon, the Seaman will become a part of your life as you converse, argue, and play with the living being. Seaman 2 features prehistoric men, bananas, and nudity. Developer Vivarium has advanced the voice recognition technology used in the original to bring the Seaman to life more than ever before.

Vivarium and Sega are showing multiple play tests of people playing with Seaman.

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WilliamRLBaker4268d ago

the only thing i found seaman 1 good for was teaching it cuss words, and setting the mic to high sensitivity and when some one walked into my room the seaman would pop up and berate them.

socomnick4268d ago

Lol thats hilarious man lol Shame I never got to play seaman , I wish I could have of taught it British cusses they are always funnier.