Halo 3: Mythic Custom Case "As the launch of Halo 3: ODST draws closer, we bring you a new way to show off your video game collection with a DVD cover for the Halo 3: Mythic case, as shown above. Teltaur from the Bungie forums has put together this amazing work allowing you, if you so choose, to remove the "disc tray" that is inside all of the NTSC versions of Halo 3: ODST and put your multiplayer disc in it's own custom case. Teltaur has also given us an "Armor Permutations and armor guide" as well as a "Road to Recon guide" insert that can be put in the inside section where manuals go."

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Peter North3944d ago

No thanks, Halo:ODST is a flop.

MerkinMax3944d ago

You have 82 posts so far today. You are a loser.