Koku Gamer - Need for Speed: Shift PSP Review

Koku Gamer writes: "The game, to start with, looks great for a PSP title and the sense of speed is actually superb. The game features a main career mode where you must race to the top of the list of the most established racers. These racers form your rivals and are an integral part of the game. The game features real cars from real manufacturers and they all handle and perform differently. Races are spread out amongst real locations such as London and San Francisco and race tasks include simple races, elimination and point-to-point races that are just like races in the very first NFS game."

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Peter North3951d ago

3rd party PsP game=Halo flOpDST.

Ziriux3951d ago

You're a p$*% star man. Any party game for the PSP is welcomed as long as it's solid.

shopsmartash3951d ago

Still not allowed in the Gamer zone, huh?

Reibooi3951d ago

I have never really gotten into racing games on the go although I did play a little bit of Trackmania DS.

I also don't get why they make these big budget games like shift have PSP versions they should put those resources into the main console versions and make it that much better.

Ziriux3951d ago

I think I know why. It's simply because they want to sell more copies and make more money, just like Rock Band PSP, some games shouldn't go to a hand held, such case is NFS Shift, while it's a great game, I would have liked it just kept on a console.

randomwiz3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

"they should put those resources into the main console versions"

they barely put any effort into the psp version. 8/10 seems way too high for me, it should be 6/10.

The psp version just flat out sucks. The graphics are the worst I've ever seen, the driving mechanics are nowhere near good.

NFS most wanted was 100x better than this game on the psp.

Polluted3951d ago

PSP ports don't take anything away from the console games. They always have a dedicated team working on them. If those guys weren't working on the PSP version the whole team (and their budget) would be devoted to some other project entirely.

mau643951d ago

should entice some but not me

Fullish3951d ago

PSP games are still being released?

Ilikegames763951d ago

and it got more games than the 360.

Qfragger3951d ago

@ Ziriux,

Tell me again why you would have liked just a console version?

Sony have sold 50 million psp's, thats a market the devs can't ignore.

Reibooi3951d ago

reason being if a game doesn't fit or belong on hand held then it shouldn't go there no matter how many PSP's or DS's have sold. The good example is Guitar hero going to DS. That was a horrible idea it doesn't matter how many DS's are out there a portable version eliminates the point of the game. It's not Guitar hero if you are not using a Guitar.

A similar argument can be made about NFS Shift. It's being praised for how incredibly intense and immersive it is. However you cannot get that playing the game on PSP. Now if they had used the team that worked on the PSP version and had them help add even more to the console version the game would have been much much better(Not to say console versions are not good as the game is very well done)

kerrak3951d ago

First of all, I think psp owners deserve some games, dont you?
Let me point out also:
1-NFS is a franchise with a big name. Shift is the 6th NFS to appear on psp.

2-Obviously calling the game Shift on psp is a pure marketing trick. Nobody expects the console experience on psp.

3-Moving the probably not very big investment on psp development onto console development could maybe represent 3 or 4 little more little things in the console version allowing 0,1 or maybe 0,2 more points on metacritic. Do you think the impact on sales would be high enough to justify reducing psp shift sales to 0?

Oh yes, and i almost forgot:
4-NFS has been selling lots of units on psp. According to VGChartz (known for undertracking psp games):

Game /Ps2 /Ps3 /360 /PSP
Underground2 /6,3 /-.- /-.- /1,2
Most Wanted /4,1 /-.- /1,5 /2,1
Carbon /1,2 /0,6 /1,3 /1,3
ProStreet /2,2 /1,7 /2,0 /0,5
Undercover /0,9 /1,3 /1,3 /0,5

I hope you realize now yours wasn't a good idea.

Ziriux3951d ago

I didn't review the game I just submitted the review to

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