Neocrisis : Uncharted 2:Among Thieves Demo Impressions

Neocrisis writes "To conclude this impression,it looks like Uncharted 2 will be a stunning game for the ages.Great multiplayer combined with another exciting single-player is a sure recipe for another excellent title that will be enjoyed by all kinds of gamers.Everything I saw from the multiplayer demo was polished to perfection and no issues came up that would cause any concern.To have a flawless beta just before the release is truly encouraging of the gaming bliss that awaits us.October 13 cannot come soon enough."

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Bumpmapping3948d ago

Another AAAA along with MGS4 only possible on PS3

DanSolo3948d ago

Oh for fvcks sake.... I'm looking forward to this game too, but is there any chance we can just enjoy the fvcking game and leave all this fanboy sh1t alone??

BlackPrince 423948d ago

Naughty Dog was smart to make the beta/demo so comprehensive.