Xbox360 Metal Gear Rising Will Shine The Most 9/20/09 HipHopGamerShow

1. Sony will beat microsoft in sales this holiday season
2. Can MAG have the multi-player success that halo has
3. Game Review – 50 Cent: Blood In The Sand (8 out of 10)
4. HipHopRss – P.Diddy Signing With Interscope

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Cold 20004822d ago (Edited 4822d ago )

Cant wait For MGS Rising on my 360.


FlipMode4822d ago (Edited 4822d ago )

Kojima isn't working on it :/

Below: it says 404 not found.

Cold 20004822d ago (Edited 4822d ago )

Oh yes he is !!
Man you've been living under a rock or what ?

"I'll be working more deeply on the project then a normal producer,"

But hey u can just act like he never said that like a lot of your fellas on N4G.

All I know is that Rising is gonna rock.

ShabzS4822d ago (Edited 4822d ago )

man i really hope the game is good... i dont want it to fail

Cold 20004822d ago (Edited 4822d ago )

Kojima producing and supervising.

Mathematically it cant fail ^^

Oops heres the link

BlackPrince 424822d ago (Edited 4822d ago )

And you can't until we learn what the bloody thing actually is. All we know is it has lightning bolt action, whatever that means. And don't forget that the actual MGS team is working on Peacewalker.

ReviewsArePolitics4822d ago

Outrageous headlines make money

only on playstaychun4822d ago

Kojima is working on it, but he doesn't play such an important role as in MGS4 and also MGS4 team is working on Peace Walker if I ain't mistaken.

Lucreto4822d ago (Edited 4822d ago )

Well from the trailers at E3 the PSP game said it was a Hideo Kojima game but the PS3/360 game did not. Kojima will have a small role but it is up to the Rising team to create the games story.

MGS without Kojima directing = nothing

edit: I am not saying it will be bad but I am used to Kojima games with the quirky feel and under a new director is might not feel the same.

It is like Steven Spielberg when he is producing it is different from when he is directing.

morganfell4822d ago (Edited 4822d ago )

But it isn't Metal Gear. No Snake, no Metal Gear. And as Lucreto said, no Kojima directing is another nail in the coffin. Anyone that doesn't realize that doesn't only live under a rock, they were born under it as well.

Enjoy hours of "Rose!" "Rose!"

Stop insisting it's Metal Gear and we will desist saying it will not be worth it. The issue is you do not have any experience with Metal Gear and think this game is MG or esle you believe it is a movie - despite the fact the game play portions of MGS4 are 4 times the length of ODST.

Treylove994822d ago (Edited 4822d ago )

at all the ps3 fanboys that are so quick to disregard this game. But, but but but its not metal gear, but but but kojima not working on it, but but but it isnt the real game. If it were the other way around and it was another exclusive ps3 game, guys like morganfell and others would be slobbering all over it. To say you wouldn't is just like admitting you are a fanboy, simple. I on the other hand hope it is great, but we shall see. Unlike the rest of the drones I will give it a chance before I cry about it.

Morganfell, why bring up odst? This is about a metal gear game, hence the name. You are really starting to show your ps3 fanboy colors. If a game is made for the 360 it must suck right? You know if it were a ps3 only game you would be jocking it like no other. so knock it off. Your voice has lost so much luster over the last year on here its not even funny.

Blaze9294822d ago

Kojima IS working on MGS Rising.

"He also mentioned that he will be involved with the project "more deeply" than a normal producer which, considering the expectations and the new engine involved, makes sense."

So just stop that "MGS Rising will suck" nonsense becuase for all we know, it could be a damn good game.

Bodyboarder_VGamer4822d ago (Edited 4822d ago )

HHG and his headlines are amazing! He really knows how to market his website here on N4G.

HHG mind:
"Lets look for a tittle that involves a game that the PS3 fanboys love but that went multiplat. Lets put in the tittle that the game will be the best game ever even though we know sh1t about it. And then those crazy PS3 fanboys are going to come to my site to leave stupid comments at the same time they'll gave me lots of hits and raise the heat on N4G to attract even more hits. Poor morons.... buahahahaha You know who it is!"

Man, we PS3 owners have become so predictable that everybody's using us to get hits. Just look at the "destructoid" article about Sony fanboys... Lame.

PS3 owners talk a lot about boycotting things then they should boycott the sites that really need to be boycotted. Destructoid and Kotaku comes to mind. How? Don't enter to their articles to not raise the heat and even less click on the link to leave them hits.

FlipMode4822d ago (Edited 4822d ago )

Never said it would suck, Just not excited, No Snake, Kojima not really involved, Multiplat. All scream 8.5. IMO

foxtheory4822d ago (Edited 4822d ago )

Play an MGS game first and then you'll quickly realize that without Snake, Metal Gear, or Kojima that it won't be the same. We all of course want to see this game turn out great, but without the mastermind Kojima working on it, it really won't be the same experience.

BlackPrince 424822d ago

Yeah what is this, PS3 fanboy baiting day?

Treylove994822d ago (Edited 4822d ago )

Why do you all say he isn't. He may not have the same hand in it that he has on others, but he will not allow a game with his name attached to it to suck. Geez, drop the fanboy goggles. I did play mgs4, I thought it was a good game. Not groundbreaking, but very good, with great visuals and a great story. Like I said if it was ps3 only, you all would be jocking it to new heights. But since it it will be on 360, it must not be any good. Not to say 360 fanboys are any different, but ps3 fanboys are getting just about as bad. Give the games a chance, you all havn't even seen it or played it and its already a bust to you. Typical fanboys.

I love it, by disagreeing you are just proving my point that you are pathetic fanboys. And thanks for the PM's people who are agreeing with me but are afraid to post anything because you know you will lose your bubbles if you go against the wave of ps3 fanboyism on this site. Its gotten almost pathetic. But very comical as well.

evrfighter4822d ago (Edited 4822d ago )

"Your voice has lost so much luster over the last year on here its not even funny. "

Indeed it has....Indeed it has.

Next HHG prediction. Another flamebait title. The next one after that will cater to the ps3 crowd for brownie points /rinse /repeat

thesummerofgeorge4822d ago

Doesn't mean much, a producer isn't usually heavily involved in the creative process, and of coarse he'd be more deeply involved than a normal producer seeing as MGS is Kojimas baby, but that statement means very little in as far as his involvement.

foxtheory4822d ago (Edited 4822d ago )

No. Even if it was a PS3 exclusive and Kojima wasn't working on it (or has little involvement), it'd still be disappointed. And fanboy? I own a PS3 AND a 360. I enjoy both of my consoles equally, but when it comes to one of my favorite franchises, I just want to see it get the best treatment possible (Kojima's involvement). I never said it would be a BAD game. In fact, I said that I'm hoping this will be a GREAT game.

HolyOrangeCows4822d ago

....not links to sites desperate for views, for gamers.

Lifendz4822d ago

360 guys can't stop mocking MGS4 but let them get some throwaway game featuring MGS4 chars and they jump for joy. Whatever makes you feel better for not getting MGS4 after every site in the world stated it was coming.

On topic: Wii will beat everything this holiday. Still a lot of parents looking to get a Wii for their children. PS3 probably will outsell 360 in America and, of course, worldwide.

kalebgray924822d ago

lol fanboys will battle over comparisons for this

Timday54822d ago

You are correct, the wii will own this holiday. It is not only the best system out there, but it will be 199 and its all over. They have the most games, the best games, the most imersive gameplay. I would take wii play over any mgs game anyday. if I want to watch a movie I will put one in. MGS rising will suck also. It has to be dogged down for the brokebox. Wii Play, wii sports, wii sports resort, wii fit, wii fit pluss. Its all good. Sales=great games. Simple. People wouldn't buy it if it sucked. Glad I have another wii man onboard buddy. keep it up. Wii is the best. Ps3 is a ps2 with slightly better graphics.

FlipMode4822d ago

"I love it, by disagreeing you are just proving my point that you are pathetic fanboys"

lol That sure is logical.

foxtheory4822d ago

I won't even start with your "sales make a good game" crap and everything else that is wrong with your comment.

Shadow Flare4822d ago

Its incredible. I've only come across timday on n4g in the past 30 minutes, but he is already the most annoying fanboy i have ever met on my entire time on this site. Even though he called the xbox 360 the 'brokebox', even despite that he irritates me so much.

I can only assume that you are about 7 years old timday. No adult could love wii games as much as you. And i'll tell you why you're annoying. You're like those bad singers on american idol that go in for an audition. They think they're the best singer in the world. The judges tell them they suck. But they won't listen. They still think they're the best and everyone else is wrong.

As for your stupid, stupid sales=quality arguement, think of cars. Toyota's sell more then Ferrari's. ALOT more. Yet Ferrari's are BY FAR the better driving experience. Its whats known as a premium product which sells less then the budget product

The wii is full of garbage minigames, has non-existent online and has graphics that look like buttcrack. I hope you get alot of joy out of looking at sales numbers. Because the wii has the worst gaming experience this generation. The dust collecting on most people's will quickly tell you that.

mastiffchild4822d ago

People are getting the wrong end of the stick with Rising. PS3 heads who, rightly imo, feel MGS4 is the best game this generation would STILL be very concerned about the low level(compared to all previous MG games AND to PW too)of Koj's involvement if Rising was exclusive to PS3 and to suggest they wouldn't is churlish and plain incorrect.Kojima IS MGS and to have his role reduced to very little more than a producer after the control freak like input he usually has certainly should leave long term fans dubious over the MG credentials of Rising-remember they can still play it and there won't be any differences between the two versions either, bet your life on that.

Also, however, PS3 heads shouldn't be so quick to pee on 360 gamers chips who are excited about the game. I get why some of them are as 360 fans were very keen to knock MGS4-without any reason at all-yet some of the same people now seem to be turning cartwheels after doing so-but so what? It's fair enough if someone wants the game , isn't it? Whether the team working on it are less likely to keep a strong MG feeling to the game is immaterial if you haven't got a MGS on your system isn't it? The characters are great and with such good material(even if some people didn't want to know about them in the "interactive movie" of MGS4)the chances are that the younger team can make a good game.

There's nothing to get upset about from either side, really, unless everyone is wrongly assuming Rising to be MGS5 as it's not even the same, familiar style of game. So it isn't going to be MGS ,it should be a good action game shouldn't it? It might not be the game for MGS fans alone but more likely an action led title accessible to newcomers as well as those familiar with the MGS series.

In short, though, if both sides would stop polarising opinion about it from "Wooo Rising will be better than MGS3 and 4! Raiden is better than Snake" to "There's no Koj , it isn't MGS , it's LBA it's going to be crap" and we stopped being so precious the game might have more of a chance of finding it's own identity and not being hanged by MG fans like the last time they decided to make Raiden the lead. Maybe then we can all just judge the game, and the team making it, on their own merits and not as if it were meant to be MGS4's sequel BECAUSE IT ISN'T EVEN TRYING OR MEANT TO BE MGS5. Not now, not ever so if we all just stop squabbling and wait maybe we'll get a good multi plat game. It won't be MGS and that's why we get the LBA in the blurb, no? But, since when was MGS the only series of games we're allowed to play even as MGS fans?

All fans of the MGS games would love a true home console sequel to MGS4 but it's too early, Koj hasn't the time right now, PW on PSP will be the nearest thing and Rising, though not the game we might wish for, could still be a good, but very different experience. I stopped worrying a long time ago when I realised that the worst thing that can happen is the game isn't very good-but as it's not a main series entry it doesn't hurt to risk something new. It could be a great game it just won't be a MGS as that's not what they're making and we all know that. Can't we just all calm down over this?

evrfighter4822d ago

"some of the same people now seem to be turning cartwheels after doing so-but so what?"

like who?

IaMs124822d ago

HAHA! I love all the disagrees about MGS Raiden now! Its hilarious everybody on this site was psyched about this game now since they announced it for 360 at E3 everyone hates it! I wonder why.. Hmm do i really need to fill in the gap for you?

Jaces4822d ago

So I assume you like raiden have played MGS2 and 4 correct?

If not then you just made yourself sound pretty damn stupid.

ShabzS4822d ago (Edited 4822d ago )

hey i played mgs 2 on my pc... wats the name of his annoying girlfriend again

damn did she have some low self esteem issues .. was she there in 4 ?

cyclindk4822d ago

You don't know anything about it, yet you "can't wait," okay..

Whitefox7894822d ago

"We're at an experiment level right now. We're doing a lot of experiments for Rising," series creator Hideo Kojima told GamePro during GamesCom. This is likely due in some part to the fact that it has been promised to deliver "a completely different kind of action than what has appeared in the series so far."

"Even the management and team formations that we have at Kojima Productions, we are changing this around," Kojima said, adding, "The core of it is, of course, the Rising team. They're doing a lot of high-level stuff with great staffs."

Sadly enough we won't be hearing anything about this game until E3 but until then I'm gladly looking forward to Peace Walker

@ mastiffchild

Amen Brother all I really hope for in Rising is a good game that's all personally when I found out Shinji Mikami had almost no involvement in RE: 5 except for character design I was disappointed but ode in behold RE: 5 though not perfect is still a good game

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Peter North4822d ago

Kojima doesn't care about the RRODbox.

AliTheBrit4822d ago


I guess that's why he was on stage at Microsoft's show at E3, announcing Metal Gear Rising for the Xbox 360.

How did he get on at the Sony show? oh damn..that's right..

morganfell4822d ago

Goes to show how little you know. Kojima is now a Konami exec and had no choice. Some of us were there and he obviously didn't like what he was having to do.

As a Producer it means nothing on the creative side. Face it, Kojima is Metal Gear. Enjoy the sci fi action game, whatever it is but Metal Gear it is not.

topdawg1224822d ago

MS " We finally got Solid Snake on the xbox 360"
Kojima "No, no, no, not Solid Snake!!!"

Ha Kojima you're hilarious, even he knows it's a crap system

Kamikaze1354822d ago

I guess you didn't find out that Microsoft was pissed off at him for saying that he was working on the "true" sequel for the PSP and that "Rising" was just an experimental game for his younger staff. This was reported last week.

ZBlacktt4822d ago (Edited 4822d ago )


Speaking of that very moment at E3. How about the slam Kojima did on those two Bozo MS goobers on stage when the one guys says " Kojima we at MS would just love to have Solid Snake on the Xbox " Then Kojima say's in return. " Solid Snake? I never said anything about Solid Snake, lol. Oh Snap, you just got a wasted spin off, congrats. Now brag some more tools....

Incase you are having trouble remembering. Here, let me provide you a link... note at the :45 mark that MS Tool doesn't even know how to say METAL GEAR SOLID, lol...

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KingKionic 4822d ago



NATAL-FTW4822d ago

Its da Hip Hop Gamer show.

Blaze9294822d ago

ya know, i dont get it. If people hate HHG so much why do they continue to comment and view every submission he makes. Do they not know by doing so they boost the temperature of his submissions more and more each time? Whats so hard in just ignoring the guy.

I'm not saying I like him but I dont hate on him either. Just let him do his thing and he's just a guy who loves videogames and whats to share that enthusiasm with others.

KingKionic 4822d ago


You know i dont hate hhg .

I love when he says "

"hip hop gamer shoooooooooow!"

NATAL-FTW4822d ago

I actually like the show.

So when I say yeahhhhh, I really mean it no sarcasm.

Blaze9294822d ago

yeah i didnt mean you two directly. Was just saying generally and chose this "thread" #2 or w/e to say so.

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Peter North4822d ago

"The Ps3 is like a Theatre experience, the Xbox 360 is like a DVD experience.".

ZBlacktt4822d ago (Edited 4822d ago )

Well, he's really just trying to cover his ass from that thread write up he did the other day. About how UnCharted 2 is better than ANYTHING the XBox 360 has every done to date he states over and over. He went on to say ANYTHING and listed off Xboxs games, lol. But that is not shocking at all to us. As we can listed more than a handful of games that crush anything on the DVD format. Just crush them! That's not really a dig when one has the advanced format and the other the old format.