Canceled Halo game concept art found on ex-Ensemble artist's site

Aside from releasing an RTS title in Halo Wars this year, concept art found on ex-Ensemble Studios artist Dylan Cole's website reveals yet another game that the studio was working on in the Halo universe. No name is given for the shots, though Cole calls the above image "Halo Universe City," which could mean a city from the world of Halo or a game named "Halo Universe."

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KingKionic 4822d ago

"Halo Universe City"

Cant wait to play the mmo in three - four years .

mastiffchild4822d ago

The thought terrifies me! I just don't think the Universe of Halo is fit to support an MMO. The worst thing I EVER did was read one of the damn books that a mate lent me(he thinks that they're pretty good but, then again, I can't think of seeing him with any other books ever)and that nearly put me off the games! An MMO would really do it for me and I don't think too many other FPS Halo fans would be bery interested either.

Do you imagine it would appeal to the Halo or the MMO crowd? I say this because any persistent world FPS is STILL a very different experience to your usual opt in and opt out Halo mp experience isn't it? And to appeal to more of the usual MMORPG crowd of whom there's a large number who don't like FPS games at all and look down on EVERYTHING on consoles they'd have to go a lot more RPG. I just don't know if the idea would fly-then again I'm not sure who the real market would be.

Some of the convoluted Halo novel stuff might seem like a good base for some people but not many Halo fans read the books and not many who read the books thought they were any good. I just don't know where they'd pitch it, who the possible market is and have doubts that it would do anything great for the franchise as a whole-it would run the risk of diluting it if anything and if this was meant to be an MMO perhaps the best decision was to sack it.

Obviously I could be way off the mark and it would have appealed to nearly everyone but I just don't see it and I'm relieved, forr the sake of the FPS franchise, it hasn't yet been pushed at the world.

KingKionic 4822d ago does.
It could be a great mmo
I mean there are many stories that haven't been told in halo.
And more can be created .

But lets not put halo in sports games .

It might turn into grit ball....oh wait a minute.

GameOn4822d ago

I enjoyed the 3 books I read. Halo: Reach is gonna kick ass.

whothedog4822d ago (Edited 4822d ago )

Now a halo mmo or ever a mag type deal with hundreds or players on both sides with different commanders and spartans or master chiefs or or whatever. I think it would work good.

Tony P4822d ago

Goddamn, I wish I could paint like that.

I kind of have to agree with mastiff. How many fans would really follow an FPS --any FPS --into MMORPG territory? And I say MMORPG because the test screens for that cancelled project were obviously not MMOFPS. Seems like a weird way to go imo.

SixZeroFour4822d ago

id love to see an mmofps or mmotps halo game...marines vs covenant and you can choose which side your gunna play as, almost like a halo APB game

without the master chief, i can see this working to play out as pre-john117 (ie, young master chief) and fall of reach time frame

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FiftyFourPointTwo4822d ago

Maybe it got cancelled because they knew it's going to flop like ODSFlop? ;D

Berserk14822d ago

FiftyFourPointTwo indeed.

Gabe EatsWell4822d ago (Edited 4822d ago )

Uncharted 2 9.5 IGN

-GoldenTimeLover-4822d ago

Nice job Gabe.

chidori6664822d ago (Edited 4822d ago )

lol, you got the second acount of shadow bot sylly...:)

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Dellis4822d ago

This was the PS3 version that was scrapped......

KingKionic 4822d ago


Bungie is working both sides.


WMW4822d ago

after seeing how mediocre halo odst is its safe to say ps3 owners aren't missing much.

Peter North4822d ago

The concept art indicates that this would have been another flop entry in the Halo franchise.

Peter North4822d ago

But as they say, flop another day.

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