Two Control Methods for Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker

Anoop Gantayat: Metal Gear mastermind Hideo Kojima keeps on sharing new bits about Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker at the Kojima Productions blog. Today, Kojima revealed that the downloadable Tokyo Game Show demo will offer two control methods.

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meepmoopmeep3942d ago

yeah i agree, my psp really needs some love.

Peter North3942d ago

How many control methods are available in the Zune version

xabmol3942d ago

I'm so happy I wont have to use the Dpad to control the camera. It was a pain in the ass moving the camera and Big B with the same thumb! >.<

STONEY43942d ago

I used my index finger to control the camera so I could run and look around at the same time, since it was usually just there doing nothing but sitting on L.

MetalGearRising3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

Zune version will be in HD after all Zune is HD not like psp.

simplyRealistic183942d ago

lol you do know the zune play videos in HD if u have the $90 tv adapter, i hope your being sarcastic, if not you fail so hard

SuperStrokey11233942d ago

I was hoping you could hook it up to your PS3/TV and use the DS3 with it like resistance did. That would be great.

morganfell3942d ago

That isn't saying you won't be able to. Remember, Kojima stated this game would take advantage of every feature the PSP offers.

SuperStrokey11233942d ago

THat is true i forgot that. I guess we will have to take a wait and see kind of poistion on that idea. Thanks mate.

The Great Melon3942d ago

I also thought of that too, but Resistance 2 had that feature in it when it came out. Its doubtful that Kojima and his team were planning that kind of functionality a year or more ago. They would have to update MGS4 to do that, but given that there are no trophies yet it is unlikely that inter-connectivity will happen.

Anyways was the psp resistance good on the ps3? Heard about the feature before the psp version came out, but never heard anything about whether it was good or not.

SuperStrokey11233942d ago

I liked it, some parts got way way harder (aiming at 20 of those little crawler ones)but others like general movement got easier. It was fun either way for me

The Great Melon3942d ago

Thanks, I forgot about the Resistance psp game until recently when I was at the store where I noticed the box and saw that it mentioned the ps3/psp connection. Hopefully Sony will play around with the idea again in the future. Bubbles for the response.

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