TheSixthAxis: WET Review

So, with no multiplayer mode, WET is left to live and die on its single player adventure. Thankfully, despite not being much of a looker WET is absolutely packed with visual originality and the gameplay shines throughout – it's obviously something of an acquired taste and even without the film grain some might not find favour with the over the top animation and constant camera edits and cut-scenes, but TheSixthAxis loved the whole thing. Brash, gory and absolutely adult, WET is probably the best game they've played for months. Love it.

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DelbertGrady3947d ago

Some have lower standards than others.

gamesR4fun3947d ago

9 for this what a joke

5 hour game poor graphics gameplay and AI what a tard ta give it a 9

Towers763947d ago

I thought the demo was okay. I can't see this game being anything more than a rental.

Dipso3947d ago

The same site that awarded inFAMOUS a 7/10 goes against the critical grain yet again. I totally understand the concept of personal opinion and taste but I find that certain UK sites seem to be increasingly 'alternative' in their critical consensus. All well and good but its sad that the big sites like IGN have become more reliable sources for me personally than the indie ones. I find their tastes generally off kilter, pompously self assured and sometimes a tad pretentious..but that just my opinion and taste.

Reshun3947d ago

We all have to try out the games for ourselves regardless of what the critics have to say about it. Plenty of games that wore the crown of mediocrity yet I was a fan of some of those franchises that I enjoyed it more than majority of self-proclaimed professional game journalists.

But I still can't stop checking out the reviews either way.

And WET was terrible, for me at least.

deadreckoning6663947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

Well, Infamous wasnt that good to begin with .Official Playstation Magazine gave it an 8. Eurogamer, supposedly xbox fanatics, gave it a 9. Do u see a problem here?

SkolarVisari3947d ago

The game sucks, play DMC, NG, or God of War instead. The animations are boring, the music is annoying. Just about everything in this game is annoying save for the very, very, very well done voice acting. I hate the stupid arena battles because I never actually feel cool while killing the bad guys who swarm me. I get annoyed that I cannot upgrade whenever I want, infuriated by how they sometimes end a chapter right after the arena fight and I end up using points before I get surprised by an ability unlock that would have come in real handy in the next chapter. Wet tries to be cool and fails miserably because they never actually LET you do anything cool! This game is going back in the mail on Monday. Rent the game and decide for yourself.

mrpotter3947d ago

Is it. The game is nowhere near a 9. I played through it and almost forgot it immediately.