G3: Halo 3: ODST Review

Go Gaming Giant takes a look at the new Halo 3: ODST and tells you what we think of it.

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gameseveryday4290d ago

looks like halo has to be one games which has got 20 reviews on one day ! LOL

DelbertGrady4290d ago

The fanboys are having a hard time trying to troll all of them.

ABizzel14290d ago

Wrong the troll is here.

LOL I'm joking, Halo ODST seems to be yet another good Halo game. I'm not a fan of Halo's story, but I must admit the gameplay so natural making it one of the best. But I have a serious question wasn't ODST suppose to come with a controller bundled in as well?

therealwillie4290d ago

isn't it a bit odd that all these reviews come out the day before the game is released... i knows its not the reviewers fault...

uncharted 2 has a couple of weeks to go before its released.

they must have been afraid of what kind of reviews they were going to get, so they delayed the reviews as much as possible so that people would have made up their minds whether to buy it or not before the reviews

really duh4290d ago (Edited 4290d ago )

No they only troll the bad ones and the first two or three goods ones, after that it makes them look silly trolling them so they chill until more bad ones. I find it funny SDF conditioned the media to view this game as a rip off expansion DLC pack and now a sh*tload of no name sites are trying to lower the game's score.

I could understand the hate, if I was a mentally sick fanatic I would see Halo as a threat that isn't fair for competition.

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Peter North4290d ago

This was posted before, I think it was the first review that confirmed Uncharted 2 is superior to Halo:ODST.

Go Gaming Giant4290d ago

oh man, here come the ps3 fanboys lol

talltony4290d ago

This is a great game but its just not worth 60 bucks.

Pizzagaki4290d ago

If you feel that way, then dont get it, everybody else who feels it do is worth it, get it.

Tinted Eyes4290d ago

Meh, its obvious if this game had a different name, review sites wouldnt b as forgiving for short storyline and nothing new to the table.

Pizzagaki4290d ago

Doubt it, cause it still plays like halo, and thats what makes people love this game.
It plays like Halo, it got its level design we love, it got the loveable enemies we love to shoot over and over again, its got the awesome character designs, and the awesome vehicles that even unreal tournament cant beat.

Tinted Eyes4290d ago

Yes but usually when a game has a short storyline and only one new mode, sites would crush it.

Pizzagaki4290d ago (Edited 4290d ago )

Well, thats true, but this game is build on the foundation of Halo3, if it wouldnt be then it would obviously score less.
But it got Halo 3 as a bottom, And that was a perfect scoring game.

This basically makes Halo 3 more fun then it already was, and since halo 3 is still the most played game today, ODST is fully justified.

Now if Halo3 wasnt the most played game today, it would be a different story, i am sure they couldnt pull this off Killzone2 ODST or something like that, cuz theres not enough activity with that game.

You never even played a halo, your a disgrace to the food people.
No wonder your just a cookie, your lack of brains are being made up by an overflow of sugar.
Next time you bash something, try and back it up, so you dont look like an idiot.

ZuperAmazingCooKie4290d ago

"Doubt it, cause it still plays like halo, "

That's supposed to be a good thing? I'm guessing archaic and generic gameplay is your thing.


really duh4290d ago

You fucin loser go wash your ass you've been on this site for a week straight I checked your history and you don't even work, sleep or go outside lol And this is just one of your accounts.

ZuperAmazingCooKie4290d ago

But whatever suits you, retards.

@Why Dis, who are you talking to again? lol @ the "multiple accounts" claim, hypocrite.

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Kamikaze84290d ago

Personally, I didnt like the ending. Didnt have the feeling that the other Halo's did, in the scale of epic-ness.

Go Gaming Giant4290d ago

was it better than Halo 2's ending lol

Panthers4290d ago

Ha no kidding. I havent played Halo 3 yet, but 2 was pretty bad.

I just hate how Halo added 'bosses' that made no sense. Oh lets make people invincible and make the player do some stupid crap to be able to hit them....

Halo 1 did it right with Hunters being the only boss like character. I think fighting a squad of troopers is so much cooler than fighting some dumb boss that has no right being invincible.

albert_2754290d ago

Yeah... Bungie is pretty bad at 'boss' fights. I was expecting a gravemind boss fight on the level 'the covenant', but the tentacles just retreated down. It made no sense.
Hunters should be more of a challenge to make them worthy of being bosses.

DelbertGrady4290d ago

Fighting the Scarabs in Halo 3 was cool though.

Ichiryoka4290d ago

That ending did not have an EPIC feeling at all..not even a little was lame...lame..just lame...almost as bad as fable 2 ending.

And if you disagree why? I mean have you seen it? omg..well I'm sure you will paly it, so prepare yourself.

another thing its funny how non of the reviewers mentioned how much the ending sucked.

thats the only grioe i have with this game.

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Saaking4290d ago

FLOP indeed. Looks like this particular site got their goody bags.

Go Gaming Giant4290d ago

Goody bags? I don't follow?

Pizzagaki4290d ago

He wants a goodie bag from MS, but MS wont send him any, Cuz Saaking is a douche, so now he claims MS is bribing people with swag bags.

You know, those bags that come with flyers, stickers, figurines and other promotional material.

Saaking's life just isnt complete without Halo promotional material.

Saaking4290d ago

hahaha a douche calling me a douche. Good joke there pizza.

Pizzagaki4290d ago (Edited 4290d ago )

An n4g douche = people who post in the open zone 99% of the time.
You are a prime example of that rule, not me.

I spread my posts 50/50 between the gamer and open zone.

Obama4290d ago

Pizzagaki you are the biggest douche since you pretended that you have a ps3.

Go Gaming Giant4289d ago

goody bag? we never even got a copy of the game from MS, we bought it at the store

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Pizzagaki4290d ago

Go Halo, show what you do best, Winning.

Gabe EatsWell4290d ago

Go Halo, show what you do best, Flopping.

Pizzagaki4290d ago (Edited 4290d ago )

Name on Halo that didnt make any profit, and thus flopped.
Try and name one, and come with measurable data to back your claims up.

No halo ever scored a lower meta then an 8, so review wise its still not a flop.

-Most played game today
-Never scored a meta below 8
-Only series together with Mario ever to be successful in more then one genre
-Never sold below a million copy's
-Set sales and review records

Now, tell me, what is it exactly that Halo failed in?

You wanting it to fail cause ur butthurt doesnt make it a failure.

8.5 is only bad to douche's who never even scored that high of a grade in school.

Tinted Eyes4290d ago (Edited 4290d ago )

Of course it flopped review wise.

85 to most people is a B game, if this is the ALMIGHTY Halo, it flopped.

Tinted Eyes4290d ago

-Most played game today
-Only series together with Mario ever to be successful in more then one genre
-Never sold below a million copy's
-Set sales and review record"

This all has to do with sales, but it still has an 85 its a Flop, sorry, Almost every PS3 exclusives scored better.

Alcon Caper4290d ago

usually i don't participate in these console fights, but almost every PS3 exclusive is rated better??


lair, haze, afrika, et al...i'd say that nearly half scored low and had poor sales.

there are many 360 exclusives that were rated poorly too

but don't say that nearly all the PS3 exclusives were rated higher then 85 on meta. That's just a fight that you cannot win because the evidence is so easily found out...

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