First Halo 3:ODST Secret Revealed

We all know Halo 3: ODST has many secrets and easter eggs, well Go Gaming Giant is proud to say that we just found the first one.

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Peter North4288d ago

Its flop nature is no secret.

really duh4288d ago

You fucin loser go wash your ass you've been on this site for a week straight I checked your history and you don't even work, sleep or go outside lol And this is just one of your accounts.

GiantEnemyCrab4288d ago

Yeah, check that out.. It's like almost 24hrs a day non-stop. Maybe there are multiple people logging into the same account just to troll.

Any other gaming site I frequent would of shut this dude down long ago.

General Jewels4288d ago

this guy has to be the biggest loser on the net..i mean do you have a life?? go outside there fresh relax dont take it seriously have fun. Maybe start to believe the true purpose of life.

cheapndirty4287d ago

Seriously man you are a rude jerk. With no life no less.

How are you able to post that many times a week?

I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are a 14 year old high school drop out. That would explain your online behavior and how you can post that much every day, every week. Sad.

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gameseveryday4288d ago

man GGG has all the exclusive content and secrets! awesome stuff!

Blaze9294288d ago

lol...lemme guess, Rashid Sayed you are a staff member or duplicate account?

damnightmare4288d ago

Most likely lol

I doubt this is the first secret revealed since the game has been in the hands of thousands of pirates for weeks now.

TheSadTruth4288d ago

stop abusing the system please

this is not a secret
you are spamming
get legitimate content please

damnightmare4288d ago

Nah G3 feels the need to post every article they write on this website, because they need the publicity since they are a no name site. Doesn't matter how crappy or non-news related it is =\

lokiroo4204288d ago

Nothing like free advertising and hopping on the halo train to get it huh G3?

Max Power4288d ago

is a writer of gamingbolt or something like that.

Blaze9294288d ago

Whoa no need to bash them and the site dude, everyone has to start out somewhere.

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Kamikaze84288d ago

Haha, thats crazy. This was on Legendary? Or is this on all difficulties?

Go Gaming Giant4288d ago

Probably only on Legendary I'm guessing

DonCorneo4288d ago


xbots suckered into buying a 4 hour game with maps that they already bought (75% of which can be downloaded for free)

astrobrights4288d ago

The length of the game is definitely disappointing.

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The story is too old to be commented.