Spawn Kill: Review: Demon's Souls

The changes that From Software made to the traditional JRPG formula with Demon's Souls are astounding. The pressing question is, though, does the sum of all the odd components in this title equal up to an enjoyable experience?

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40cal3950d ago

8.0-8.5 is actually more where I was expecting this game to fall, all of the 9 and 9.5s have been blowing me away.

Either way I am very excited to get my hands on this bad boy, and am pleased that this game that I have been waiting for (over a year now)
shaped up to be a high caliber action RPG.

K-Tuck3950d ago

I have a good feeling that its going to be love it or hate it with this title.

foxtheory3950d ago

I agree. The difficulty factor will turn a lot of people away, but at the same time will be the best part for others. For me, I'll most likely be in between.

raztad3950d ago


Not every game is supposed to be casual. If game is challenging by design it is aimed to gamers that enjoy a challenge. Reviewers shouldnt drop points in the score due to the game difficulty, just to give an advice that game is hard but awesome like DS is.

K-Tuck3950d ago

To raztad:

I assume that reviewers are meant to speak towards a general audience unless otherwise specified (IE Game Review @ If someone deems a game too hard for everyone but a specific crowd, I can only assume that the right thing to do is to judge the game as a non-specific fan of games in general (a.k.a. a casual gamer.)

ThanatosDMC3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

People that will play this game will need to just stop rushing an enemy. That's all. Carelessness kills you 85% of the time.

It's a completely different game from what gamers are used to. That's why they will die and die a lot. Everybody will have a good laugh at all those blood stains they'll see.

Oh yeah, parrying is the best way to effectively damage an enemy fatally. The big problem with parrying though is the risk that comes with it if your timing sucks. The enemy will take a big chunk of your life if you're not careful. So i suggest that you block then move to his back and back stab him for a critical hit. Bigger enemies cannot be backstabbed.

FlatulentGhost3950d ago

"The changes that From Software made to the traditional JRPG formula with Demon's Souls are astounding."

Whoever wrote something that idiotic has no business doing reviews.

Demon's Souls comes from the EXACT same company that made the incredible King's Field games that this game is a spiritual successor to.

Give the game 1/10 or 10/10, but you sure as hell better know what the hell you are talking about before you put your opinion down in writing for the whole world to see.

ChiefNuggz1223d ago

So you're saying Demon's Souls isn't different than traditional JRPGs?

And you think OP is idiotic? Lmao

ReservoirDog3163950d ago

I decided I'm just gonna get this. I may or may not rent it before but I'm gonna play it for sure. It looks too good to pass up.

Willio3950d ago

"In such a brutal title, having no pause not only means that the game won’t wait, but real-world issues like eating and using the bathroom will have to."

This is the best sentence in the review which sums up if the person is good enough for the game, not if the game is good enough for the player.

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simplyRealistic183950d ago

most of the people who gave it below a 9 B***h about how hard it is, i thought people wanted a challenging game, now when they get 1 they complain

K-Tuck3950d ago

Have you played this game? There is a difference between being challenged and playing a game designed so that every possible scenario is brutally difficult.

ihaten4glol3950d ago

I don't see the need in any of your complaining about giving a game a lower score because of its stark difficulty. Not every gamer has the time to put into this type of game, nor do they want to. You have to understand that there are very niche categories in gaming, and the average person is usually not interested in something that will kick his ass into next week, not allow him to pause, and suck up a good amount of time with no reward. Most gamers just aren't into that. Some of us are, and we are quite interested. Dropping a game a few points due to this factor is expected, as the game will then not appeal to a wide audience, losing some of its effect. If you disagree, then write a different review instead of wasting everyone's time complaining about the subjective views of another gamer. JFC.

ThanatosDMC3950d ago

Then i guess they shouldnt have played the game. The difficulty is the main pull of the game. If you understand that there are different niche of games out there, then why would you support that this game deserves low scores because of its difficulty.

I guess, you wrote it, huh? Damn, casual gamers... heheheh.

ihaten4glol3950d ago

No, I did not write it. I'm Molotov Cupcake on the site. Did you even look at the author?

DaTruth3950d ago

Wait a minute, you can't pause the game? That sounds ridiculous! I was looking forward to this game, but I have two children and pause has become a very important function.

Please tell me you're kidding!

simplyRealistic183950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

im not generalizing you, just almost all the reviews i read, the online bad thing they had to say about it was, it was really difficult, for instance IGN

@ 2.2

its and rpg game of course they are going to put time in, if this was just a shooter or something else i would understand


im not saying that 8.5 is bad, if you just gave a 8.5 ok, but you put the difficulty of the game a bad thing thus obviously changing the score, that why i commented like that, it's not like i said this was a horrible review, im just tired of reviewer wishing games were more difficult but when they are they complain

Nikuma3950d ago

Have you played this game? Honestly? Brutally difficult? lol, don't make me laugh. This game is challenging at the beginning because you're learning the ropes, but once you get the hang of it the game isn't brutally difficult.

It keeps a degree of challenge throughout, but nothing that is controller smashingly frustrating... unless you're really bad of course. The game is never CHEAP difficult and that is the only kind of difficulty that can really grind my gears.

All gamers who want a fair challenge and a sense of satisfaction after beating a tough and epic boss....GET THIS GAME!

Sarcasm3950d ago

"The game is never CHEAP difficult"

Ninja Gaiden comes to mind.

ThanatosDMC3950d ago

No i didnt read it. For the most part, people summarize the article in the Gamer Zone. I dont want to support a website that's ignorant of the game they describe. I bet the only boss he was able to kill was the blob (1-1 boss not Leechmonger) and that's it.

ChiefNuggz1223d ago

Making fun of OP saying he probably only beat the first boss is kind of like making fun of a review without having read it.

You ride your high horse and preach of ignorance, and yet you're willfully ignorant of the person and of the review you're criticizing.

Stay in school, kiddo.

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Solidestchimp3950d ago

cant wait for this to come out in america maybe it will cost less to ship to england than from hong kong

K-Tuck3950d ago

I believe the Chinese version of the game is almost totally in English, plus it has the benefit of plenty of players already playing online. I imagine shipping would be less if didn't have to go overseas.

ThanatosDMC3950d ago

Yes, the chinese version is COMPLETELY in english even when you load up the game. Btw, this game has no installs but does have a 1.04 patch last time i checked.

Milky3950d ago

I really want it but cant find a good importer.

poeo3950d ago

i would highly recommend for the asian version.

i dunno about importing the US version to Europe though, if that's your situation... but the versions are the same pretty much, the only difference is separated servers and better translations in the US version.

Slient Knight 93950d ago

yes the chinese (hong kong) version of demon souls is all in english except manual book

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