God of War Collection 'Most Wished For' PS3 game

Sony Corp.'s God of War Collection ranked as the 'Most Wished For' game title for the Playstation 3 at a U.S. retailer this week.

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FiftyFourPointTwo3943d ago

Cheers to PS3 owners. Now I hope there'd be a Ico/SotC in one bluray disc enhanced just like GOW collection.

Gabe EatsWell3943d ago

Totally agree about the Ico/SotC part. That will be epic. I hope SE releases a KH collection on bluray including KH Final Mix, KH:CoM Remake and KH2 Final Mix+. :)

zeeshan3943d ago

If GOW collection does well, you can bet you ass that we'll see more PS2 games ported with all the HD goodies and who knows perhaps even more! Like the making of the game, bonus soundtracks, concepts etc

blind-reaper3943d ago

MAAAAN Imagine SotC with smooth framerate, 720p!!!

No FanS Land3943d ago

Do you think by holding the adequate buttons while on the SCEA presentation screen on the controller you can trigger 1080i on GOW2? XD that would be a funny glitch!

WildArmed3943d ago

With a price tag like that for the two best games of the last gen... revamped for the PS3!? I'mma have to pick this up.

---Side note: I hope I dont get disappointed by the work they do on the revamps

gaffyh3943d ago

Hopefully this sells like crazy, and they do an Ico/Sotc collection because of it.

PS3 owners put your money where your mouth is, buy this one, I am!

Timday53943d ago Show
meepmoopmeep3943d ago

like i said, i wasn't getting this but the prospect of other developers joining the party due to the sales of this GoW CE, i'm all for it so i'll be buying it.

and yeah, ICO (EU version) & SotC hi-res, trophies and/or extra features, HELL YEAH! i'll buy 2

Redempteur3943d ago

Konami i know you don't want my money THAT badly .. but i'll give you a considerate amount of money for either

-A ZOE collection for PS3 ( 720p , 60fps)

Now konami you want my money or not ?

Feral Gamer3943d ago

I never played Ico or SotC. I'd love to play, though.

ThanatosDMC3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

I was hoping it would be $20.

starcb263943d ago

new super mario bros. wii is just a side scroller

YogiBear3943d ago

Your above comment just showcased how insanely ignorant you are. First, you criticize sony for giving their fans something they want. Yes they are PS2 games but they are arguably the best PS2 games ever made. Second, you brush off LBP as just another side scroller. Finally, you completely drown your argument in the mudhole that you dragged it through by bringing the wii into it. You should be ashamed. I must shower now, your comment was that dirty.

WildArmed3943d ago

Yogi the beat pawned the crying Timday.

I usually dont bother with fanboys in the Gamer Zone, glad some1 took care of it.

+bubbles yogi :)

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eagle213943d ago

I already pre-ordered this epic collection. :)

iHEARTboobs3943d ago

Me too, just hope Amazon doesn't take to long to deliver it.

sunil3943d ago

same here.... now waiting for the Ico/SOTC collection

raztad3943d ago

ICO/SotC would be incredible.

I totally missed out ICO, I beat SotC though, game is out of this world. If Sony feels the gamble with GoW1&2 pays off we have a very big chance to see a ICO/SotC collection just in time for The Last Guardian debut.

DonCorneo3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

yeah, it's buying the same game that you already own

just like buying failo ODLC

expect the God of War Collection is at least 24 hours long, not just 4, and it's HD


Towers763943d ago

I think this is a great deal. Basically 20 bucks for HD, wide screen versions of the games. If Sony continues with this business model for re-issuing PS2 games at a relatively cheap price then I'm all for it. I'm a little disappointed that this will probably mean there won't be an on line store for PS2 games on the PSN though. I'm also curious if any of the major 3rd parties follow suite and re-issue their games.

BaSeBaLlKiD7213943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

try $40

seems like he meant the collection was $20

No FanS Land3943d ago

he meant 20$ for each game.

It wasn't that hard to guess was it?

raztad3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )


Actually it's $20/game. There are two games packed in the GOW collection.


you beat me to it :)

No FanS Land3943d ago

haha :D . this will definitively be a great game collection. However, beat titan mode and challenge of the titan to get platinum might prove to be insanely hard.

Raf1k13943d ago

If these HD versions can run on the PS3 off a BluRay disk I see no reason why they couldn't be put up on the PS Store.

No FanS Land3943d ago

I think he implied backwards compatibility on the PS store, just like Ps1 games.

Towers763943d ago

Yes I meant 20 bucks per game for a two-game volume.

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Peter North3943d ago

God Of War 1= 720p, AAA, $40, 4 Years old.
Halo ODST= 640p, FFF, $60, brand new.

As you can see by these numbers, the Flopbots lose again.

chidori6663943d ago

god of war of remastered is better than halo sdtv

3943d ago
Pizzagaki3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

Lol ,he owned himself, 40 bucks for something 4 years old.
Its like he punched himself in the face, and doesnt know about it.


Chubear3943d ago

You're paying 20bucks for GoW1 and another 20bucks for GoW2. That's TWO games. Go now and buy these games on the PS2 and you'll still pay btw $10-15 brand new.

This one has current gen graphics & current gen gaming features. For just $5-10 from the original last gen titles, it's a steal especially when you see many PS1 gen games on PSN for 5-10bucks.

If you're seriously trying to compare 2 remastered games for $40 to an expansion pack of one game for $60 then there's no hope for you and MS love people like you.

You talk that crap now but as soon as MS announces just Halo: CE remastered in only halo3 graphics w/ achievements for $90 (you get a free master chief torch light pen in your package) you will be the first to cream in your pants and hail it as "TEH BES GAME EVA!!!!!!!! THANK YOU MS!!!"

raztad3943d ago


GOW2 is a march 2007 game.

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