Two New Tales of Vesperia (PS3) Videos

Two new Tales of Vesperia (PlayStation 3) system videos have been released, both coming from the game's official website.

The port includes numerous extras and changes, such as a brand new character, Patty Fleur, the addition of new bosses like the Sword Dancer, Flynn being playable for more that just one battle, among other changes. The game will also be fully voiced and will include new and altered scenes, such as Yuri fighting Don Whitehorse when the party visits Keiv Moc.

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Peter North3951d ago

Looks amazingly better than the Flopbox sud-HD version.

ShawnCollier3951d ago

You do know that Namco Bandai has admitted that the graphics are slightly worse than the 360 version, right (the resolution shaders, IIRC, are different than the 360 version, which causes a slightly blurriness in some of the textures)?

Although they're more alike than the PS3 version > X360 version in graphics. ;)

chidori6663950d ago

thanks for beta game xbots...;0

ShinGundam3950d ago

Thats right but namco also confirmed from very beginning
this game will be 60 fps locked (:

iTzNath3950d ago

Thanks for beta testing for us xbots :)