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Tokyo Game Show 2009 - What To Expect From Microsoft.

Microsoft in Japan is always a wildcard. Who knows if the company will make a big push in Japan this year or scale things back to focus on North America and Europe where its exclusives tend to actually sell. Oh, sure, every once and a while Microsoft releases something (Blue Dragon) in Japan that moves a boat load of consoles, but what will it be this year?

Halo 3: ODST will be getting a worldwide release this week. Will Microsoft try to pimp Halo in Japan again or is it time to let it go? I'm guessing that the game will probably be playable on the show floor, but don't expect a massive showing. Beyond that, there aren't any major exclusives that I can think of that would do big business in Japan. Splinter Cell: Conviction probably doesn't stack up against Metal Gear Solid there... just a hunch.

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IGN Posted the list 5 days ago
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Cold 20003970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

Well its gonna be just like E3, that means a bunch of unannounced, unsuspected killer apps for the 360. At E3 it was Crackdown 2, Forza 3, L4D2, Halo Reach, Natal and MGS on 360 and at Gamescon it was Fable 3

Thats how MS do it.
Wonder what it will be this time...cant wait.

Jinxstar3970d ago



heroicjanitor3970d ago

Sony has way more studios than ms so in the way of exclusives we can hope for something from rare or another timed exclusive jrpg(which wouldn't work because I'm sure the Japanese see the pattern with these "exclusives" now...)

deadreckoning6663970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

M$ needs to drop the price to $200, but they won't considering they know alotta dumbasses are gunna buy 360s regardless just because all their friends have it. Its amazing how the charge 100 BUCKS for a Wi-fi adapter when even the PSP has BUILT IN WI-FI.

IMO, the 360 should be 100 bucks less for the simple fact that its ONE YEAR older than the PS3.

@Cold-The only thg that they could drop that'll be BAM is Natal this year and even that wouldn't be that much a surprise since they might actually NEED to do that. The only remote reason to buy a 360 now is L4D2 IMO.

Cold 20003970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

MS are the best at keeping secrets...then BAM! they drop it on us!

wxer3970d ago

"then BAM! they drop it on us"

damn right with this one
just like "BAAM there it is"

BrunoM3970d ago

"then BAM! they drop it on us"

damn right with this one
just like "BAAM there it is"

lol i dont know why but i cant help but laugh every time i see that lol the things leg damn lol

Cold 20003970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

Lol looks like u still hurt MS dropped it heavy on ya ! U must have been one of those guys who thought Sony was going to win E3.

Well in that case get ready to feel hurt aaaall oveeerrrr again at TGS.

menoyou3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

Expect rehashes and low quality games that somehow magically get great scores from "professional reviewers" even though user ratings of said games are always lower. Oh and a stolen exclusive.

TotalPS3Fanboy3970d ago

That BAM video is just too funny.

If that's how "accurate and precise" Natal is, then I don't want anything to do with it.

TheBlackSmoke3970d ago

Cold2000 in case you missed the memo, Japan dont want or care about the 360. 360 only had any success there from buying timed exclusives for rpgs that went to the PS3 anyway. Unless 360 manage to pull off final fantasy 13 or dragon quest exclusivity, forget it. The Japanese are not in to generic space marine shooters so theres nothing MS can offer.

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KiRBY30003970d ago

man, you are in complete deluisional if you think M$ won E3 2009. Sony nailed it, theres no need for a debate.

btw nice playstation exclusive avatar. i liked FF8 better tho. :)

Cold 20003970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

Nah FF9 was a whole lot better :) Hope it comes to PSN one day.

And euh nope the general consensus was that that MS took the show.

Yep and Im the delusional one... ? yeah ok...

But hey its all said and done now, MS won. So aint debating on that.

Better luck Sony next time.

Tinted Eyes3970d ago

Yes of course M$ won E3, I mean their exclusive they showed won a crapload of E3 awards........wait, or was that Sony with Uncharted 2?

Lucreto3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

You are the delusional one Sony had the better E3. You say to people to take their head out of Sony's ass but you are so far up Ms ass your Adam's apple is you nose.

Well on topic I will be interested to see what they show. I say Mistwalker will show some and possibly something from Tokyo Vikings.

really duh3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

I agree that MSFT will be saving major secrets for TGS. I have a feeling MSFT is waiting for TGS and are preparing for a huge showing.

(Natal/New Games/New XBL features)

The trolls say what they say. Why do retards keep showing that Natal Video(BAM)? The Natal Dashboard code was in its early stage that has nothing to do with how accurate Natal is. That's like saying if a Character in a Wii game walked through a wall that it's the Wiimote's fault lol. What does buggy software have to do with hardware?

KiRBY30003970d ago

then yes M$ probably took the show.

i have a different opinion about it, let me share it with you.

the 360 AAA line-up consist in sequels (Halo, Gears, Mass Effect, Fable). there is only one fresh game to look forward to, which is Alan Wake. then there is NATAL, i dont see why people would be excited about it? you want a wii, you buy a wii.

Sony has a BUNCH of non-sequel AAA games comin up. i'll name a few...
-Heavy Rain
-Agent (the guys working on those "so awesome" GTA4 360 exclusive DLC will make an entirely new game exclusive to the PS3, but i guess its not a big deal right?)
-God of War 3 (sequel yes, but it will be the 1st GOW game this gen)
-Gran Turismo 5 (same as GOW, GT5P was just a tease)
-The Last Guardian
-Final Fantasy Versus 13

i see reasons for a gamer to pick a PS3 just for any of the games up here. thats how good i think the line-up is.

and i didnt list them all, just the ones i think are the best. THEN on top of that, you got the AAA franchises getting their sequels (Killzone, Uncharted, Ratchet, GT, GOW).

so yes, i assure you, you are the delusional one.

TheBand1t3970d ago

I thought the general consensus was that Sony and MS had good E3 showings but Nintendo's was epic fail.

Megatron083970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

What an idiot.

"Tokyo Game Show 2009 - What To Expect From Microsoft."

Then turn around and say umm I dont know anything way to go g4tv.

Well I dont know either but here a few things that we might see.

1. Footage of Halo:Reach sure the japanese could care less about it but it make headlines. It also help sell Halo ODST.

Btw yes MS stoled the show at E3. It Open with the beatles, they had Hideo Kojima on stage announcing a MGS game, they showed tons of new games and had release dates for half of them. That was sony big announcement ? FF 14 a multiplat game and probably flop on the ps3

4. We heard Rare been working on 3 titles for the 360 but have no idea what they are. Is all natal stuff or is KI3 maybe in the works ?

2. Mistwalker game we havent seen or heard anything from them in ages. Maybe LO2 or Blue Dragon 2 ?

3. Gears of War 3 again its nothing that sell in Japan but it make headlines and take steam out of the ps3.

really duh3970d ago

*Thinks about PS3 fans*

*Wonders if their all like the fat dude in the PS3 Slim TV ads*

KiRBY30003970d ago

what i learn from your comment.

1. you would be excited to see footage of Halo Reach a few days after ODST is being released. you would not feel robbed at all.(i would personnally feel embarrassed (and somehow robbed) being shown the 1st footage of lets say, Uncharted 3, a few days after Uncharted 2 launches. but ok, thats your opinion.

2. multiplatform games such as Rock Band Beatles and MGS Rising helped MS stealing the show at E3 2009.

3. MS showed tons of new games at E3 (half of them had release dates).

4. Agent was NOT Sony's big announcement at E3, it was FF14 and its gonna be a flop.

5. Rare is working on 3 titles for the 360. lets see their previous 360 games.

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts (2008) 80
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise (2008) 82
Jetpac Refuelled (2007) 73
Viva Pinata (2006) 84
Kameo: Elements of Power (2005) 79
Perfect Dark Zero (2005) 81

hopefully, their next 3 games will be AAA, lets pray.

6. there is a possibility Mistwalker will announce Lost Odyssey 2 or Blue Dragon 2.

Lost Odyssey (2008) 78
Blue Dragon (2007) 79

again, ok games at best. lets pray more.


Megatron083969d ago


I dont play Halo i dont like halo so no i would not feel robbed cause i didnt buy it. Halo:Reach was announced at E3 before Halo ODST came out. Halo ODST comes with a Halo Reach beta code. Rumor is that Halo Reach will have a new engine that will have graphics on par or better then gears. So I dont think anyone you got odst would fill robbed and if the graphics are as good as they saying they will be then it could even help sell OSDT.

"4. Agent was NOT Sony's big announcement at E3, it was FF14 and its gonna be a flop. "

I was talkin about FF14 not agent. FF14 is a mmo and lets face it those games sell on the pc not consoles.

6. there is a possibility Mistwalker will announce Lost Odyssey 2 or Blue Dragon 2.

Lost Odyssey (2008) 78
Blue Dragon (2007) 79

Whats you point ? where are you getting those score ? Japanese loved those game and they were 2 of MS best selling games in Japan.

Have you played any of those game no cause its obvious you dont even own a 360. Kameo was an amazing game.

"2. multiplatform games such as Rock Band Beatles and MGS Rising helped MS stealing the show at E3 2009."

It wasnt about the game is was about having the Beatles live on stage opening them show for them. E3 is all about show and haven big announcement. MS does that better then anyone. Think about it the design of the stage alone was impressive half the games they shown there were not even rumors about. MS kept everyone guessing till the very end and put on a hell of a show.

Sony showed games off that we had seen dozens of times already the ps3 wii remote we seen it on the wii for the pass few years. Sony had good game but they have no showmenship at all. They way they do announcements could put you to sleep.

blackpanther253969d ago

Blue dragon and lost odyssey did regular exclusive JRPG number which is anywhere from 100,000 - 220,000

Blue Dragon : 210,000
Lost Odyssey: 110,000
Infinite Undiscovery: 120,000
Last remnant: 180,000

So blue dragon is the best selling xbox 360 JRPG in japan while lost Odyssey is the worst. Lost odyssey did sell a good 450,000 IN THE US

ReviewsArePolitics3969d ago

Kingdom Hearts on 360? That's the best they could get. Not like it would matter in japan...

KiRBY30003969d ago

Sorry I forgot the sarcasm tag when I wrote:

"4. Agent was NOT Sony's big announcement at E3, it was FF14 and its gonna be a flop. "

Agent WAS a huge announcement at Sony's conference.

FF14 will most likely be announced on the 360 anyway and like you, I dont give a crap about MMORPG. Thats why I was being IRONIC in the 1t place. Movin on.

Maybe if M$ had anything really good to announce, you wouldnt be paying attention to the design of the stage. Here we have a case of style over substance. I assume your favorite game must be WET.

While you were amazingly entertained by M$ stage, I as a gamer was being blown away by Uncharted 2 live demonstration, which simply looked like it's going to be one of the most amazing game this gen. 21/20 confirmed my thoughts.

I'll give you a call for your report on M$ stage at TGS. I hope it will be huge with sparkles and all.

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Berserk13970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )



Chubear3970d ago

Halo-gears-fable... with sprinkles of natal. Yup, 2 shooters and a WRPG .. for JPN O.O with a bit of waggle waggle lol

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3970d ago

More DLC
More Halo
More Gears... ;-D

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3970d ago

4 -
More Chat Options!!! ;-D

really duh3970d ago

You fucin loser go wash your ass you've been on this site for a week straight I checked your history and you don't even work, sleep or go outside lol And this is just one of your accounts.

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N4G king3970d ago

blown away by what ?
tell us

KILLERAPP3970d ago

They will show Halo: ODST, part 2 and is coming out in summer 2010 with the beta for gears of war 3. that will probably make fanboys happy another 60 bucks for an expansion.

droid and bot3970d ago

maybe that x-engine and that forward compatibility

but who knows

siyrobbo3970d ago

no doubt they will just show a bunch of multi-plats, a former ps2 exclusive game thats now also on 360 and a montage of games we've all seen before and Jap's aren't interested in. Same old same old

I'd like to be suprised, but lately i've lost faith in MS's announcements

If they show NATAL with ricochet and burnout paradise 1 more time i'll castrate myself and feed my nuts to the pigeons, im so sick of seeing the same demonstration over and over and over PLEASE SHOW US SOMETHING NEW

oh and they are bound to show something to do with HALO anime / reach

iMad3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

Halo reach >>> Killzone 2 & Uncharted 2
& someting special for Jap market with NATAL
maybe more x-engine powered games

@all "true games"
want to see in your faces after TGS :) x-engine & c1 technology will return ms lead in gfx department. and that level will not be possible on PS3 because of no tesselation unit inside.

mark my words.

droid and bot3970d ago

"maybe more x-engine powered games"

lol i just made up that

foxtheory3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

We've only seen a TEASER for Reach. Just a TEASER!! And now you're telling everyone that it'll be better than some of the best PS3 games to come out this year? GTFO, your ignorant fanboyism is making me and the rest of us true gamers sick.

EDIT: I wasn't talking about the graphics, and frankly it would be a good thing if that happened. It just means that I'll be getting a better experience from my 360. But when you come in here and start telling people that a game that we all haven't played or seen will be better than some of the best games the PS3 has to offer, that makes you a fanboy.

If you want to keep trashing the PS3, I suggest you move this way--------------------------- -------->

No FanS Land3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

There I "marked" your words. (I saved the story in my favorites. Now I hope for you that you are right or you'll become a good fanboy to laugh from. Telll ya, TGS is owned by sony, For ismple facts actually: It's in Japan, and MS is not good in this territory because the entire japanese audience are "home" fanboys, they'll only buy either nintendo or Sony.

2nd: Nintendo has had feuds with the TGS organization a couple times, so their only recent major showing was the revolution controller (2005).

You're not entitled to believe me but hey why don't you also mark my words, cause history tends to repeat itself and it's not natal that will have the drawing power to sell the 360 over there when all major RPG's struggled, yet they were exclusive to the system. Just look at Vesperia.

EDIT: Actually that talk about X-engine and other techs would be more relevant to show during CES or GDC

mrv3213970d ago

We'll all be blown away by Halo:ODST 2 which feature 3 new maps and a 4 HOUR singleplayer... which'll retail for $60 because we all know everyone will buy it.

TotalPS3Fanboy3970d ago

"You will be blown away.
Mark my words."

Of course we'll be blown away, blown away by Sony's Press Conference and all those Triple-A PS3 exclusives.

3970d ago
KiRBY30003970d ago

M$ failed to impress me so far, and NATAL is probably the worst thing they could came up with. they just wanna attract some of the wii market. enjoy your wiixbox360.

Sony is not making such a fuzz about the motion controller. they made it clear that they will continue to support harcore gaming.

mirroredderorrim3970d ago

X-engine looks to be interesting, but to say the PS3 cannot do tessellation, is funny.

Tessellation is special because it adds detail to a polygon model and it's something that was included on the ATI chip, inside of the xbox 360. However, the SPU's are capable of the same, within the PS3.

You're fooling yourself if you don't think PS3 games will look even better. Look to 2011, as I personally believe console games, if only the PS3(?) will peak(start to change/look better), imho.

ReviewsArePolitics3969d ago

"and that level will not be possible on PS3 because of no tesselation unit inside. "

Until today, I had never read an argument so dumb as to prove a point. As if that was the only thing that mattered, but anyway if that makes you happy, props to you.

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Peter North3970d ago

I heard they're sending Snorza 3 to Japan, they actually think the Japanese care about Snorza.

Peter North3970d ago

Not having to inhale RROD fumes must be a blessing for your Nasal cavity.

lordkemp0073970d ago

The Japanese have good taste, so the RROD fumes would probably be akin to a smoking club as they have not purchased enough red games heaters.

Pete also tells me good girls are bad girls that never got caught.