FW 2.0 release notes fake? Sony denies FW update for PS3?

According to EuroGamer, Sony's only statement regarding this issue is that they're dismissing the leakage as "speculation." Details of this dismissal from Sony are sketchy, and it seems that only EuroGamer has reported on it. To what extent is the mysterious "FW2.0 changelog" debunked by Sony? If the release notes are just "speculation," then that means what exactly?

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jwatt4477d ago

If it is fake, Sony you could still implement this stuff in the next update.

power of Green 4477d ago

Looks like you wnt those features added pretty bad i'm sure Sony will add some cool stuff.


dont ya think if it was fake sony would back it up.

there just testing it all out and dont want to build peoples hopes up like they did with killzone taking in mind nobody nos of that yet.

Just wait and see this is all new to sony remember and u dont want ya ps3 to die like all the 360s did last week LOL

bootsielon4477d ago

They didn't back up the "Home" rumours, and later revealed home. STFU

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The story is too old to be commented.