7 Minutes Of Final Fantasy XIII's Gorgeous Music Revealed At The Premiere Party

A Japanese Youtube user was lucky enough to get a 7 minute long audio of the Final Fantasy XIII orchestral music that was revealed at the FFXIII Premiere Party
Here it is, some of the music that we will hear during the game in all it's calming beauty.

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militant073942d ago

I played the demo, and this the main menu music...

Vivi3942d ago

1.48 mins in it's a new song we haven't heard before.

foxtheory3942d ago

then I wonder how epic the rest sounds!!!

Peter North3942d ago

The Menu Music of FF13 Flopbox version is compressed and sampled at the lowest rate available.

Tidus113942d ago

The music in a game is often overlooked but that has always been one of the defining factors of the final fantasy series... Loved FFX's

dgroundwater3941d ago

I love the battle music in XIII alot. And I'm sure the whole game will be filled with memorable stuff.

itchy183942d ago

is also the music playing on their website

0din3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

Nobuo Uematsu's music was great but now we have to see what Masashi Hamauzu can do for all the game tracks. Masashi Hamauzu did do the Besaid island theme for FFX which was beautiful and I hope we hear more beautiful music throughout the game.