Exclusive Games List for Next-Gen Consoles

Gaming Target has updated their list of exclusive games for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii. Their analysis now also includes ranking information from MetaCritic so gamers can compare and contrast the quality of each console's exclusive titles as well as the quanity.

The Xbox 360 continues to lead in the overall number of exclusives, with the Wii gaining fast and the PS3 in last place.

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Pheneus4174d ago

I declare a flame war.

TheMART4174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

Well I would count down instead of up...

But hey it's your party here!

Back to the article:

"But what is a surprise is that the Xbox 360 also has the most "green" MetaCritic games and the highest percentage of them. Microsoft's system also the most proven franchises in their unreleased list and several new properties coming from high profile development houses like Mass Effect, Alan Wake and Halo Wars. What all of this means is that an Xbox 360 exclusive is more likely to be a good game than on the Wii or the PS3."

Like we all knew already!

@ the idiot below

No actually not because I say so. But because this list proves and because many unbiased reviewers, magazines and gamers say so. People that own the 360, PS3 and Wii all say the same:

Wii is fun for a short time
The 360 gets the most play time and they're glad with the console
The PS3 dissapoints big time

naturalgamer4174d ago

and now we all go and buy a 360 because theMART said so. pffff ... idiot!!!!!

Retard4174d ago

Xbox 360 owns PS3, that's a fact obviously. But Microsoft owns you Mart.. I think it's time for you to grow out of this stage of defending your Xbox 360 allllll day and start playing it, just a thought before N4G takes away all your bubbles and you start (if not already) using alternate accounts.

If you're voice hasn't been heard and followed yet, it never will by this time.

Why o why4174d ago

Its good that american sites show american exclusives because they know about them. Try asking them about some of the games they obviously do not. check this site there you will see some titles that american sites care or know nothing about. Just like the american anylysts that predict this and that in favour of the 360 and jap analyst pretict this and that in favour of the ps3. Dont watch it. last i heard the xbox was going to be the biggest thing and that umd was going to be the greatest. My point is the sources for the article that makes you smile arent conclusive but good to read none the less. Somebody give ve marti a bubble. he makes me post most times. I kind of liken him to Adrian Duhrum on Talk Sport in the uk. He gets people to call up just from his flaimbait topic headers. He knows that hes just stirring but thats how they get the punters calling in. He'll offend Chelsea fans then Man u fans then Arsenal fans throughtout the week but at least he gets TalkSport paid from the bait takers calling the 0870 number. Marti is truly the definition of an fanboy. he's name should be in wiki as an example. Yes i know that ibleedblu is 1 also

Seraphim4174d ago

that's a pretty pathetic list. There's games exclusive to PS3 not listed. Isn't Ace Combat 6 now confirmed to be a TIMED Exclusive and not a sole exclusive? Also, isn't Blazing Angels Secret Missions also coming to PS3?
Just for the fact numerous PS3 exclusives are not listed I'd say this a pretty biased list...

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drtysouf214174d ago

war the fact is it doesn't matter how many exclusives a console has it matters how good those exclusives are. And everyone has their own opinion about which exclusives are better so why don't we just be happy that everyone gets great exclusives for their console or consoles of choice! (Sits back while everyone ignores him and flames on!) :)

SmokeyMcBear4174d ago

haha where have you been...obviously not on this site.. booo diplomacy... flame on flamers

Havince4174d ago

your a wally if you think it doesnt

wildcat4174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

I still prefer more PS3 games, but it puts a lot of things in perspective like how the 360 has more upcoming proven franchises, I'd think Sony would be in that position. I'm guessing PC games has something to do with that.

spacetoilet4174d ago

It has gone down the tubes here. I like to check in to see if there are any decent screenies etc, but usually I find flaming XBOTS (in the PS3 news btw) spewing forth. It's been asked a billion times but I will ask one more time.

If you are not worried about the ps3, or you are so certain 360 is going to dominate this generation, why do you have to slag off ps3 and Sony all day and night? Could you just not give a crap? GOW getting old? What are you afraid of? You girls are not exactly exuding confidence in your daddy (MS). You know who you are.
How many ps3 owners here trawl the 360 news every single day to post crap? Raise your hands please..........sounds of wolf howling...wind.....

Flame on.

PhinneousD4174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

the people who post instigations on a 'flame war' need to get a life. quite picking meaningless fights. just my opinion.

candystop4174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

PS3 owners always attack 360 owners and don't give me that 360 fans start everything crap because it goes both way's! Wasn't it Sony that came out talking crap about the next generation starts when we say it does and crap like were 3 times as powerful as 360? This is bad Karma and exactly what they get for being so arrogant and disrespectful!

gta_cb4174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

well IF you ACUTALLY checked all the news about Xbox 360s then you will find ALOT of SonyFanboys/girls do. so hmmmm... by the comment you left i guess you biased towards Sony which is fine, but dont leave comments like this unless your NOT going to leave out the SonyFanboy/girls which leave stupid comments all the time.

i know one which you should look out for, his name is canon


ok someone has disagreed with me, you get fanboys/girls in PS3 threads and Xbox 360 threads and canon IS a fanboy/girl so this isnt untrue there for shouldnt have a disagree unless you just dont like me. i could name other fanboys/girls but cant be @rsed also cant spell all there names lol

alsef074174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

WTF, are you serious, read the comments, n stop being !diotic, most news inlvoles the 360 and ps3 fanboys trash talk everywhere!

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