Gran Turismo PSP Long Data Install

JPS Reports: "As I got my review copy of SCEA's Gran Turismo for the PSP last week, one of the things that I noticed is that it offers a Data Install that will GREATLY decrease loading times. The data is at 900+MB and it took me 17 minutes to install it in my memory stick..."

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Peter North3940d ago

No one is forcing you to install the fantastic PSP game.

waitandsee3940d ago

LOL. did it not get a 6.8 and some other average scores? Using the same logic as you do on all 360 games, this game is an epic fail. So why are you calling it great?

Oh yes, MS paid off the sites /s

Blaze9293940d ago

Ive been noticing alot of new PSP games have been coming with this install option. Always wondered what started it.

kasasensei3940d ago

psp go is coming, that's why.
Loading's time depends a lot about the model of MemoryStickProDuo you are using. Mark 1 or 2, high speed or not, high grade or not...

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3940d ago

Why do all 360 exclusives come installed with failure?

kissmeimgreek3940d ago

why must all sony products need you to download large sums of data to get decent loading times?

xaviertooth3940d ago

because it has hdd standard.

next question pls.

btw, uncharted has no loading time... so what are you talking about?

Feral Gamer3940d ago

Anyone buying a PSPGo? I'm trying to decide. I like the smaller size, but I'm not sure about downloading games. It would be nice to be able to buy used games online, but you can't do that with the PSPGo. Sony could keep games at launch prices if they wanted to. But on the other hand, the Go does look really cool.

kerrak3940d ago

One of the great things about DL games is availability. Have you ever tried to buy a non top20 game that you missed at launch 2 years ago? Some titles are already there at reasonable prices. Supposedly 80% of the catalog will be available as DL, and this is a great reason for me. I'll keep my 3000 for UMD and plan to buy a Go for increased portability.

Sarcasm3940d ago

I say no. The main reason is the lack of a mini-usb port. I don't like proprietary stuff as it's usually overpriced.

Chris3993940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

Personally, I've never lost a cable, so I'm not very concerned about a replacement. I'm getting one for the increased portability, lack of a UMD drive (I find it terribly inconvenient having to carry around discs - especially on trips) and reduced form-factor. Those are big selling points for me.

And I agree with Kerrack too; a lot of older, niche titles (JRPGs) you just can't find copies of nowadays.

Redempteur3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

i don't think i will ..

i have already the first one ...and while the other psp models offer more .. i think that the go doesn't add THAT much .

And i already have several umds ... will i be forced to rebuy my old games ? no thanks

ReBurn3940d ago


Increased portability? You must only mean size, because you can save yourself a ton of money and just get a 16 GB memory stick for your 3000.

sunil3940d ago

Price is a little too high for me... But I will reserve my decision till I try it out.

SoapShoes3940d ago

A ton of money? I don't think so...

PSP Core = $170. 16 Gig Pro Duo = $50

$170 + $50 = $220. You're only saving $30, that's not a whole lot at all and that's considering you find a 16 gig for $50 every retailer that's not online sells them for $70.

Chris3993939d ago

That's like a $40 value right there. It softens some of the blow of being an early adopter for me.

Feral Gamer3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

Well that's besides the point. My point was you'll never be able to buy cheap used games. You'll have to pay whatever Sony is charging on the PSN store. They'll be running a monopoly because you have to buy the games from them. Who's to say they'll reduce the online prices? They could charge whatever they want for as long as they want. Say goodbye to 20% off sales at Target and Best Buy. It won't work with the PSPGo.

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