Kotaku: Halo 3: ODST Review: The More Vulnerable Edition

Kotaku writes: "If you want to judge ODST for its fun without worrying about its price and the contents of its case, then know that its campaign hits the peaks of Halo 3 less often due both to its relative brevity and its uneven, experimental hubworld. The campaign can mostly be a joy. Firefight with a group of players is a blast. The main hero may be a bore, but the fiction is at least as interesting as it was in prior Halo games. Bungie's done good this time. That's a victory, even if that's a departure from a series which has often seen Bungie do great".

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Peter North3948d ago

Wow, even Kotaku are disappointed?

Never thought I would see the day where Microsofts #1 worshipper was disappointed in a MS product.

WildArmed3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

Nice read.
Will try the game out for myself n see what they are talking about

Although I always loved having a number with a review. Sums up the review of the game pretty fast, instead of a long (sometimes boring n spoiler-ific) read

Divine-Sniper3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

if this keeps going, Haze and Too Human might have some company.

Fan Tastic3948d ago

as bad as HAZE is it still sports a more interesting and diverse campaign than any of the Halo games.

Maybe ODST will be the Haze killer. So far it isn't looking like it.

Mo0eY3948d ago

Biased Kotaku is butthurt that they can't play the game of the year, Uncharted 2.

Fan Tastic3948d ago

$60 for regurgitated 4 year old engine with a short campaign. Ok, that could be a blessing as every Halo campaign to date has been cut and past crap.

GOTY, hahah 360 fans are going to have to look elsewhere.

Shadow0173948d ago

Well at least the bots have an Double A shooter to play this fall.

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