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In many ways, Halo 3: ODST marks a bold departure from the franchise formula, with story, characters, atmosphere and multiplayer that are refreshingly, surprisingly different. Due to a short campaign and overly familiar gameplay, however, it fails to escape the "expansion pack" label.

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Peter North3943d ago

Flop, no denying it RRODbots.

Pandamobile3943d ago

Peter, I'm disappointed that you guys aren't parodying the ODST slogan.

Prepare to drop ---> Prepare to flop!

Bugs Bunny3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

It reminds me of when MGS4 got 7's too, with the only difference that important sites gave that game that score and not just terrible sites like Gamesradar.

3943d ago
sonarus3943d ago

Must you turn it into a fanboy battle? You can't be satisfied U2 got good score unless Halo gets poor score

SupaPlaya3943d ago

with the different scores?

SnuggleBandit3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

Well you can see who really reviews the game and who reviews it to please the halo fanboys

Sarcasm3943d ago

I found some 360 fanboy halo ODST glasses.

*Puts them on*

Holyyyy smokes... Any site that gives ODST anything below a 9 is "useless" and is a "no-name website"

only on playstaychun3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

How does it remind you of something which didn't happen? ODST is getting good reviews for what it is... as longs as fans enjoy the game who cares. No one really is going to remember an expansion pack like ODST as opposed to Halo 3 and the upcoming Halo Reach.

legol383943d ago

I feel sorry for you. Lol, Gamesradar is a big website, and to destroy your argument, there is not a single score below 8 on Metacritic. The most common score I've seen for ODST is an 8, so I have no friggin' clue what you are talking about.

Uncharted 2 FTW!

JonnyBadfinger3943d ago

*puts on PS3 fanboys glasses*
any site that gives a Halo ODST is fake and bought out by MS.

Sorry but every reviewer is entitled to their opinion. I for one am getting this on Tuesday straight after work, and im gunna love it. Gotta problem with that?... tell someone who cares.

JonnyBigBoss3943d ago

That was the most spiteful, hateful and dishonest thing I have ever read on this site. Shame on you Bugs, your parents would be disgusted.

JokesOnYou3943d ago

however I respect their opinion, ODST isn't a sequel, its also more than an expansion so considering everything that ODST brings to the table I think it easily deserves better than a 7, but hey again everybody is entitled to their opinion....take notes sony fanatics, no hate, no calls of bias, no crying, lol..[happily moves on to more positive reviews] [and picking up the game after work]....[smiles proudly at that 1 lonely bubble, points and winks]


Sarcasm3943d ago

"Sorry but every reviewer is entitled to their opinion. I for one am getting this on Tuesday straight after work, and im gunna love it. Gotta problem with that?... tell someone who cares."

It was just a joke. Sorry, you must have dropped your tampon.

SuperM3943d ago

finally a site that will at the very least admit that the game is a little on the short side.

callahan093942d ago

What? "Important sites" gave MGS4 a 7 out of 10?

Out of 82 sources on MetaCritic, the lowest score MGS4 got was an 80. What important sites gave it a 7, again?

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Toenado3943d ago

a variety of scores? 7 to 9.3 from the major sites.

LiquifiedArt3943d ago

...Bungie was going to charge 40$ and Microsoft upped it to 60$. The 7's are really justified.

The 9.0's are bias media nonsense. You dont just add 33% to a games price and keep the SAME value. This is pure logic speaking.

SuperM3943d ago

yea its funny how some sites treat this game like an exception. like they should rate the game as if it was a 40$ expansion even though it costs 60$ just like every other game out there.

Compare this game to other high profile games out there and you see that its clearly lacking in content. Yet some websites gush over it actually saying its packed full with content. Which might be halfway true for the people who dont own halo3. But we all know the people who buy odst will consist mainly if not almost exclusively of people who own halo3.

Marceles3943d ago

(wipes eyes) wtf?? Did GamesRadar and IGN have an "exchange employees for a week" event?

raztad3943d ago

I think IGN is playing safe. They dont want to get MS mad at them, they are a business after all.

GamesRadar on the other side got me off guard, I was expecting nothing less than a 9 for ODST and nothing more than a 9 for UC2. Color me surprised GamesRadar.

Sarcasm3943d ago

I know, that guy's a ninja submitting all these ODST reviews before I even get a chance to see the link lol

Columbo3943d ago


Ha, I just knew when the embargo ended, and then went to all the major sites I could think of. I got lucky with the IGN one, and then this one (lowest score so far).

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