OXM UK: Halo 3: ODST Review

Those who've already purchased the DLC might look at that £40 price tag with concern, but - make sure you're seated - its quality, not quantity that matters most here. And ODST has bundles of in both it's superb single-player and sublime online modes.

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vagisil3946d ago

this site doesn't kiss ass. i mean really no ps3rd exclusive deserves a perfect score neither. sorry droids.

Saaking3946d ago

Official Xbox Magazine....enough said. FLOP

siliticx3946d ago

on the main page?

Seriously, Saturday night is a slow night for gaming huh.

Yeah yeah, it gets a nine. we get it, now can we get back to interesting games? like let's say, U2?

reckoner3946d ago

Not "News for Playstation 3 Gamers"