GamePro: Halo 3: ODST Review

GamePro writes: "Get ready for the best Halo game yet when ODST hits stores this coming Tuesday (or Monday night if you pre-ordered the game). I say trade in your Halo 3 disc for Halo 3: ODST because you won't look back at that campaign once you play ODST. Plus, ODST comes with a second disc that features the entirety of Halo 3 multiplayer on it, including three new maps. (I'm stoked about the Heretic map, it's the perfect recreation of my favorite Halo 2 map, Midship.) See you online in the heat of Firefight".

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umair_s513944d ago

yeah I guess. 4.5 is still bloody good

shutupandplay3944d ago

They`re just piling up now. Must suck to be a ps3 fan trying to control all this damage.

Berserk13944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )


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Shadow0173944d ago

What are you talking about majority of the review was below a 9, that's why average score is 8.4

steck673944d ago

4.5 and 9 seems to be the sweet spot.
Bu but.. but... wiispace said 2/5

Divine-Sniper3944d ago

Doesn't seem to be the case, now does it?

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