The Koalition: 'Halo 3: ODST' Review

The Koalition - The Halo series is without a doubt the most popular and most successful game franchise this decade, its definitely a game every Xbox owner looks forward to. Microsoft and Bungie might have parted ways but Bungie isn't done with the Halo series yet. Halo 3: ODST is scheduled to arrive this Tuesday (Sept 22nd) and will change the way you view and play Halo. The game once announced as simply an "expansion" is now a full title set at a full $60 price. People have been questioning the price and whether or not this is either a full game or just DLC? Introducing a new way of gameplay to Halo, Master Chief's absence, and no real new competitive multiplayer, is Halo 3:ODST an expansion or a full grand scale game?

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