Nintendo Wii steers virtual route toward youth fitness

Nintendo is trying to position the Wii as an "exergame," alongside the more frenetic Dance Dance Revolution, and virtual reality golf games, which you can also find at the Newton Y.

With almost one in five kids ages 6 to 11 overweight in 2004, according to the US Centers for Disease Control, many athletic directors and pediatricians are looking for anything, even a video game, to get kids to move something other than their thumbs.

There has been no independent research to back up the company's claims, but Nintendo is circulating stories about Wii gamers shedding pounds by playing just 30 minutes per day. One story features a claim by the Philadelphia marketing firm Hall Media Productions that one of its employees lost 9 pounds playing Wii games for a few weeks. Nintendo has also cited a few limited studies that suggest certain video games burn calories faster than others.

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tethered4483d ago

I think this is a great idea.
It goes with the old saying:
"I hear the graphics outside are unbelievable. Maybe you should go check them out."

Between fast food and no exercise, the kids of today need help.
Getting them moving around is a move in the right direction.

ItsDubC4483d ago

I agree, what really brought this whole situation to my attention was a news story I saw about how the children of today belong to the first generation to ever have a LOWER life expectancy than their parents. That really put things into perspective for me and I've since learned to limit my gametime and now go to the gym on a regular basis. I'm 24 and definitely want to pass on an active lifestyle to my posterity.

DirtyRat4483d ago

I think this is the right move for nintendo, its another reason parents will consider buying it over the 360 or PS3.

@ tethered you have to remember that the reason a lot of kids dont go out and play these days is down to the a parent myself of 3 kids we make the effort to ensure our kids go to swimming, gymnastics, scouts etc, because letting them out to play round here is not a good idea! Some parents dont have the time to do this, especially if both are working, so anything which gets them exercising indoors is good, and it'll be family fun too :D