Seriously,This Should Be Illegal

For only $129, Geek Squad will help you to set up your PS3.

MisterNiwa5388d ago

What the hell? This should be INDEED illegal? What a rip off. O_o

PinkUni5388d ago

what the f*ck is wrong with these people?

i f*cking hate geeksquad

40 dollars for graphics card installation

now 130 for account setup that's pretty much all automatic?

this truly is criminal

IzKyD13315388d ago

This is about as stupid (if not stupider) than when bestbuy wanted to charge money to send a "technician" to your house to insert a disc into your video game console (I am not joking, this really happened)

Blaze9295388d ago (Edited 5388d ago )

hey hey! Not everyone knows how to plug a power cord into their wall jack!

lol jk, this is stupid. Anyone who pays for this service is an idiot...but then again that means they probably DO need help setting it up

Multi-Console Owner5388d ago (Edited 5388d ago )

Step 1: Greet victim and offer to remove your shoes.

Step 2: Commence friendly small-talk and smile often.

Step 4: Ask where the crime will take place.

Step 5: Open box.

Step 6: Plug in all cords.

Step 7: Turn on power.

Step 8: Upon start-up, a message will appear asking if you would like to use automatic display and sound settings.

Step 9: Select "Yes".

Step 10: Commit heist.

deadreckoning6665388d ago (Edited 5388d ago )

Holy Crap. This isn't even funny. There alotta people out there that can get taken advantage of.

calis5388d ago

People actually use this? Google it.

If only stupidity was illegal...

IdleLeeSiuLung5388d ago (Edited 5388d ago )

I mean they install the PS3, setup local user accounts with parental control and setup ONE online account. Where is the Xbox 360 offering? /sarcasm

In reality, I have no problems with this. If people are willing to pay for this assuming they have a need, then another competing service willing to do it lower will come. Capitalism baby!!!

evrfighter5388d ago

this is how corporations see console gamers LOL

jaykay jaykay

There could be some truth in that

Microsoft Xbox 3605388d ago (Edited 5388d ago )

Their installation plans are the biggest rip offs. How hard is it to install HDMI?

jessupj5388d ago

Well I guess they must figure if a few 360 gamers are stupid enough to keep purchasing 360 consoles when they inevitably break, they figure there must be stupid sony gamers as well that would be willing to pay for this service.

Sorry, I couldn't resist lol. I do apologise.

Biggunz5388d ago

actually they offer the same service for stupid 360 and Wii owners.

It's just that Kotaku sucks at trying to be journalist.

iamtehpwn5388d ago

They had my BRAND NEW $1200 computer for once 2 months. They had it SO long the store eventually just replaced the computer and I never saw that PC again.

Snyph3r5388d ago

Pre-ordered Batman for $39 ad right now they are still out of stock, why accept pre-order if they're going to run out of stock? Gave them (geek Squad) a hell for it in their forum but they deleted my posts...they keep on insisting that pre-order doesn't guarantee you a copy .. W T F???

Sarcasm5388d ago

Typical best buy. I used to work for them a few years ago and always hated it. They always talked to us employees about "We want a no pressure work environment and for everyone to have fun!"

But when it boils down to it, "How many Service plans have you sold!?!?! You need to sell more service plans!! You did only 4 yesterday!" And it wasn't just one supervisor, it was every single manager who had that mentality. Then the bigger corporate suites would come in and do the same thing to the managers. Terrible place to work.

So I'm not surprised one bit that they want to hustle big time ripoff services like this.

n4f5388d ago

wow i would be rich by now if i would do it

will115388d ago

I'll do it for free and enjoy a cold beer with the customer

DominusRebellis5388d ago

Jock Squad: Will beat the living fvck out of the Geek Squad and setup you PS3 for FREE!!!

BLuKhaos5388d ago

Well if there are people that are willing to pay for this then by all means charge them.Business is business, or is that only ok when MS charges for online?

Real Gambler5388d ago

Not everybody is a tech brain, and I've seen so much screwy things in my life from people who's job is accountant, kindergarden teacher, or even a president of a huge enterprise with a doctorate!

Things like:
- Got sold a $300 Logitech Harmony remote with his set up, but was still using 5 remotes since he could not program it. (Even if these things are the easiest thing to set up in the world). Now, this guy would give away PVR, Microwave, pretty much anything in is house, but you cannot take his Harmony remote away from him...

- HDPVR set up properly (hey, cabling diagram was great), but since the owner was switching from lousy analog cable to digital cable, he was only watching digital cable, thinking HD was awesome. When I told him that HD channels were in the 600 range and showed him what true HD was, he was blowned away! (6 months watching regular digital cable with a $4000 set up and probably bragging that HD was awesome!)

- Having a XBOX 360 plugged with a composite cable, and thinking he was playing in HD. Set up XBOX for HD. Return one month later, XBOX still in SD. Asked? Well, kid brought the whole thing to a friend's place, and reconnected after (Probably had to use composite cable again at friend place, so used them again at home). Gave up on this one!

And the list goes on, and on, and on. Don't assume that because you know your way around cabling, that everybody does. Still agree though, $129 to connect a game console is a rippoff. I do that for free just because it's fun! But hey, for some people, if they don't know any tech guys, it's probably worth it!

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mrv3215388d ago (Edited 5388d ago )

I think public nudity should be made more legal than this.

thor5388d ago

Public nudity is actually legal in most countries...

kaveti66165388d ago

Depending on who's walking around nude, that could be a bad thing. *OLD PEOPLE*

iceman065388d ago

You might want to rethink that comment. As a young, developing teenager of just about 14 I thought I would be in heaven with public nudity. That is until I moved to Greece. Between all of the sagging, 70 yr old breasts and the hair in places that most people don't have places...I lost my appetite for public nudity...it is better left to the imagination!**threw up in my mouth a little on THAT visual flashback***LMAO