Eidos Talks Wii Lara Croft

Earlier today Eidos Interactive announced that Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary was underway for Nintendo's next-generation Wii console. The title is a remake of the original Tomb Raider title, which sparked the Lara Croft craze.

"The Wii home video game system is a hugely innovative games console and we wanted to make a special version of Anniversary to appeal to Wii owners," said Kathryn Clements, senior brand manager for Tomb Raider at Eidos. "The Wii Remote and nunchuck controllers allow Wii gamers to control Lara in brand new, unique ways, and there are plenty of new features, to be revealed soon, which will ensure Anniversary really hits the spot -- literally."

To clarify what today's news means for Wii owners, IGN chatted with Eidos Interactive's president and CEO, Bill Gardner.

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nice_cuppa4271d ago

the engine is made there is a fan base so why not !!

PS360WII4270d ago

This title was announced for the ps2 awhile ago and look how long it took them to say that it's coming out for the Wii. Any is possible

DR-IVO4270d ago

cant wait for this game, been dieing to play a new tomb raider for a long time.