RPGFan: Laxius Force II Review

RPGFan writes: "The bottom line regarding Laxius Force II is that if you were not a fan of Laxius Force or the Laxius mythos in general before now, this game will not change your mind. The series is a bit of an acquired taste. A lot of technical elements remain largely unchanged from before, but for most players, that won't really matter, because the epic story from the first game is continued. The exciting latter half of Laxius Force II really left me wanting Laxius Force III even more. The game is also decently long, offering at least 30 hours of play for straightforward players and many more hours for more thorough players. The Laxius Force series may not possess the level of technical intricacy or refinement of some other commercial RPG Maker games, but they have a certain charm to them that wins me over every time, and Laxius Force II certainly did that."

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