PS3 video games - 2 for $30 (Walmart)

Walmart is offering 22 titles for this PS3 deal including NBA Live 08, NBA Street: Homecourt, NFL Head Coach 09 (EA), NHL 08 (EA), Army of Two, Beowulf, Dark Sector, Ferrari Challenge, Haze, History Channel: Battle for the Pacific, LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, Tony Hawk: Proving Ground and more.

Peter North5117d ago

Who wouldn't be excited at the ability of purchasing the highest quality software at an affordable pricepoint.

AnonUser55555117d ago

It's definitely an approve-worthy story.

However, looking at that game list, I will be keeping my $30 thank you very much.

I might consider Motorstorm + something else...if there was anything there I wanted.

5117d ago
Pillage055116d ago

i had a lot of fun with darksector...i always felt that game was better than people gave it credit for.

Dellis5117d ago

bunch of wack games, save your money for the big ones in a few weeks


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