Is the Wiimote a Trojan horse for developers?

People talk and talk some more about how the Wiimote is the part of the Wii that is revolutionizing gaming, but what if it isn't? What if it was something less obvious, yet completely obvious at the same time?

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MySwordIsHeavenly4483d ago

It really isn't...

Let's not pretend Nintendo tries anymore...

CyrusG4483d ago

This article is beyond stupid. Please don't read it -- save your time.

Pheneus4483d ago

I think it is pretty accurate. They couldn't afford to compete in the hardware challenge so they went about it a different way. In doing so they kept the section of the market that super realistic looking graphics intimidates, those without huge gaming budgets, those who don't like the more complicated controllers, etc. They also realized that they only had a good chance for solid 3rd party support if they could offer financial incentive, i.e: cheap development. I am not saying the wiimote isn't a great innovation, just that there are other factors at play.

DirtyRat4483d ago

the nintendo wii fills a niche currently only now occupied by the PS2...a mass market console which appeals to casual gamers of all ages.
My only concern is the price of software on the Wii, at £40 a game it's still expensive in my opinion, especially when you consider how much cheaper Wii games are to produce.

ChickeyCantor4483d ago

its called making a profit + i pay 60 Euro for please PLEASE dont start about your dollars |=(