It's Never Too Early To Vote For Your 2009 Video Game Of The Year?

As the title says, "It's Never Too Early To Vote For Your 2009 Video Game Of The Year" and the votes are beginning to pour in with some interesting video games taking the top positions. Is this becoming a PS3 v Xbox 360 war? Make sure you have your say...

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morganfell3948d ago

Exactly. This is one of those instances where voting is a waste of time.

wxer3947d ago

LOL @ Scribblenauts

anyway on topic
is it me or uncharted2 just owned all the other games ?

54percent3947d ago

Why vote? Uncharted 2, too obvious.

dxbstars3948d ago

i already voted for UN2 before 6-7 hours ^_^

SnuggleBandit3947d ago

damn halo wars wasn't on there! oh well i guess its uncharted 2 instead

LordMarius3947d ago

why is Mass Effect 2 in the list

ABizzel13947d ago

It is too early to vote for GOTY because 7 of the games on the list haven't been played. And 1 of them "Mass Effect 2" isn't even coming out this year. GOTY awards are given out in December for a reason.

mal_tez923947d ago

I think it's way too early seeing as though a lot of the games on the list aren't released yet.
Uncharted 2 has the most votes but people have at least played the beta. Assassin's creed 2, Halo and Call of Duty also have a lot of votes which surprises me as they aren't out yet.

mfwahwah3946d ago

PROTIP:This poll isn't that serious. What you vote for doesn't actually BECOME GotY.

Either vote and have a little, tiny bit of fun with it, or keep on complaining I guess.

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xabmol3947d ago

Halo ODST, obviously. :p

To be honest though, we all knew after E3 that ND had made the GOTY.

ReservoirDog3163947d ago

I think Gay Tony might get that one actually. Or the Lost and the Damned.

randomwiz3947d ago

no shadow... it will win MDGOTY
(most disappointing goty)

i just recently found out there is no competitive online multiplayer... its just a sp with offline co-op. I pulled my pre-order and it turned into a rental

ShottySnipa4173947d ago

It DOES has online 4-player co-op. Use the search feature the Internet has provided for us.

360FTW23947d ago

I think Halo 3 ODST will get FBFIOTY (Fan-boy Fear Instiller Of The Year) especially since, PS3 fans seem to talk more about Halo 3 ODST than 360 Fans.

I've kind of done my own little internal survey and I have noticed, that not many 360 fans are flaming on UN2 or for the most part any PS3 exclusive. But, my goodness, if you mention Halo 3 anything, the PS3 fans are out with weapons in hand ready to defend the village from the BIG BAD VILLIAN know as Halo 3....oooooooh the fear and tension in the air is so thick you can cut it with a knife BOOHAHAH! /sarcasm

xabmol3947d ago

Twas a joke. A jest, if you will.

If I had said WET instead of ODST I'm sure no one would be crying right now. In retrospect I probably should have named a multiplat, but I had forgotten about the rabbid nature of some N4G goers. It's been nothing but ODST and Uncharted news lately. So you can see why I had ODST on the brain. And c'mon. Anyone really think ODST had a chance at winning GOTY?

mfwahwah3946d ago


I know what you were aiming at... but come on! The game comes on 2 discs. That's nowhere near the realm of "downloadable content."

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Nitrowolf23947d ago

already almost 100 votes ahead of everyone wow. For sec i thought COD4 MW2 was above everything until i scrolled down and saw UN2 just double it.

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