G4TV: Halo 3: ODST Soundtrack Review - Music for Repelling the Covenant

G4TV writes: "Much like the game's namesake soldiers, the soundtrack album for "Halo 3: ODST" performed a surprise, precision insertion onto my desk last week. Even though I had exactly zero hands-on time with ODST yet, all of about 0.7 seconds passed before I spun up the CD to hear what Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori had created for the game's audio ammunition. The big question I had was, since ODST is a different take on the Halo-verse, how would this translate into the music? We've even got samples prepared to drop, in this spoiler free review."

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Peter North3942d ago

We're reviewing Soundtracks now, RRODbots are getting desperate.

mistajeff3941d ago

I definitely think ODST has the best soundtrack out of all the games. I was expecting the same stuff as the last 3 games but was pleasantly surprised at how unique it was. Though I'll admit I REALLY liked the Incubus stuff on the Halo 2 soundtrack, I bought it just for that 25-minute piece (that they unfortunately split up into 4 tracks over the course of the album).

dgroundwater3941d ago

Yeah I liked Halo 2's soundtrack a bit more than Halo 3's. This will be quite different based on the bits I've heard, but equally awesome. It's just so unique and recognizable with the sax solos etc.

mistajeff3941d ago

It's a little noir-ish, like they say in the article. I'm glad they went that route instead of the typical music you hear in games during night-time sneaking ops, that sort of ominous brooding stuff. The noir style not only fits the mood better, it helps CREATE the mood. Good stuff.

Jok3r3941d ago

This piece is prob the best I have ever heard from a videogame