Radeon 5700 pricing revealed, end for HD4800 draws near?

There is no doubt that Radeon 5000 series is the strongest line-up in years. The company is preparing a massive attack on all market sides, as you can see from all the stories that are leaking out around the Internet.

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Nihilism3940d ago

gotta love ati's pricing, i've already started saving for a gt300 as i know they'll be around $500-600 aus, damn you nvidia!

fingers crossed that nvidia plays the price game right from the start this time like ati (not like they'll have a choice if they wanna move units)

Pandamobile3940d ago

Nvidia better get on the ball and compete with this. Otherwise they're not going to have a fun time come-December or January when they release their cards.

$200 for a 5770 is a fantastic deal. I wonder what kind of performance those things will pack.

evrfighter3940d ago

Nvidia's already on damage control downplaying directx11 much like they did 10.1.

Something tells me the GT300 2% yield rumors are true.

PotNoodle3940d ago

This is killing me, i need solid details on both NVIDIA's and ATI's DX11 cards. The delay on building this PC is starting to annoy me.

Pandamobile3940d ago

Get an ATI card. The should drop on tuesday or wednesday. For $300 you can get a 5850 which beat the GTX 285 in almost every test.

Or for $400 you can get a 5870. That's the card that raped the GTX 295 in almost every test for 2/3 the cost.

PotNoodle3940d ago

Yeah, i'm looking at the 5870 x2, but still, i'd love to see what Nvidia are going to do simply because, even though im far from an nvidia fanboy, their great driver support have always saved me much trouble and hassle.

But i'm willing to go with ATI this time around, because i have been hearing good things about their much improved driver support.

Still too early for me to decide on either yet, feb 2010 is my absolute cutoff but i would rather have it done by the end of this year.

Pandamobile3940d ago

Nvidia probably won't have their stuff out til December or January.

Wolf8733940d ago

would that get me through games for at least another year. Right now games such as Resident Evil 5, Crysis Warhead, and Devil May Cry 4 run all fine at high settings with exception of Crysis which sometimes fluctuates in terms of frame rates. 4800 series don't support DX-11 do they?

Anyways, these new cards are looking mighty awesome, I may save up for them but if my 4800 can handle games for another year (meaning coming soon games for PC): then I'm in no hurry.

PotNoodle3940d ago

Oh you'll be perfectly fine for another year, of course you won't be playing all the new games at max settings at a great framerate, but it'll be more than good enough for an extra year or so.

Wolf8733940d ago

that's comforting to know. New tech keeps coming out so fast than the wallet hardly has a chance to get replenished ;P.

sukru3940d ago

It depends on what games you're playing, and what your expectations are.

I'm able to get 30fps (depending on the game) at 1920x1200 for 3-4 year old titles (like Bioshock). Anything older is 60+fps (DOOM3, Counter-Strike, etc).

For later games, I usually need to drop to 1280x800. Sometimes decrease the quality from max too.

I did not play Crysis, only the demo. But it was not working very well.

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