Shadowrun for Windows Vista: $50. Shadowrun for Xbox 360: $60.

Last week, Microsoft announced that Shadowrun, its multiplayer-only first-person shooter, had finally gone gold and would arrive in stores on May 29th. The game, which ships simultaneously for both Xbox 360 and Windows Vista-equipped PCs, is based on the cult classic pen-and-paper role-playing game, which blended both fantasy and cyberpunk elements.

The timing of its release seems strange, coming as it does two weeks into the three-week beta trial of Halo 3's multiplayer--with any self-respecting Xbox 360 fanatic certain to be spending hours on Halo 3's trio of sample maps, how many people would be fired up to purchase Shadowrun during its first week on the market?

Second, how could Microsoft justify charging Xbox 360 gamers $60 for Shadowrun when PC gamers would only have to pay $50 for precisely the same game?

Rather than simply speculate or opine, Newsweek dashed off a few questions to Microsoft Game Studios corporate vice president Shane Kim. Check out the full story to see what he emailed back.

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candystop4176d ago

Well I'm paying 60 for it and don't really care what pc gamers pay! This is a very fun game that truly requires team work to succeed in winning!

gta_cb4175d ago

yeh i dont mind paying an extra $10 if it ends up being an excellent game that brings you joy =)

AkUmAzRaGe lRl4176d ago

I agree I'm not going to sit here and cry about it.One thing though the marketing for this game sucked

LoveHateTragedy4176d ago

It not only costs more money to play on the 360, but you have to pay extra money to play it online? No wonder PC gamers giggle at the Xbox 360. BTW, I love how Shane failed to answer Croal's questions in any way, shape, or form.

"Shane, what's with the pricing difference?"
-"Well we have equal development costs as other publishers."-
"But, that doesn't explain the pricing difference."
-"Well, numerous titles have seen success at this price point."
"'re a spineless retard?"
-"Well, numerous executives have often etc.etc."

dachiefsman4176d ago

He totally dodged the question! I was thinking about picking this up but after reading the article....I felt as a consumer he was saying.

"Yea we are going to charge more so what?"

AND we have to subscribe to even play the game online.

What joke! and 360 users are the punchline! <me included>

Satanas4176d ago

If you don't have a gaming PC or are not interested in PC gaming, then you'll be used to paying 60 bones for games anyway.

gta_cb4175d ago

its not a big deal really, maybe its because it could have been pushed more to the limit with the high deff and stuff with the Xbox 360, but i dont know any inside info so im just presuming.

Hayabusa 1174176d ago

haven't PC games always cost less? Or is that just in the UK?

uxo224176d ago

Why is this suddenly a big deal, it's always been this way. Besides, those out there with both a PC and a console have a choice; buy whichever one suits you.

Command and Conquer 3
PC - 49.99
360 - 59.99

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
PC - 49.99
360/PS3 - 59.99

PC - 39.99
360 - 49.99
PS3 - 59.99

This list goes on, once again this is just something for people to
B!tch about. Startin' to get old.

gta_cb4175d ago

now i think about it, it really isnt news as this has pretty much ALWAYS been the case .... so any fanboys/girls in here take note this isnt actually anything new. just like the same game coming out on the PSP/PS3 the PS3 will be about $59.99 and the PSP prob about $29.99 or something

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The story is too old to be commented.