Halo 3: ODST Review (Eurogamer Portugal)

Eurogamer Portugal said. Bungie decided to create a different experience from what you find on other games, both in form and develops the narrative and in terms of gameplay. With a good campaign mode, the main problem of Halo 3: ODST its duration is somewhat reduced. However, it is still a great game that will please fans and lovers of FPS. The addition of a second disc with one of the best online modes available, can be a decoy for those who have not joined the fight.

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Meus Renaissance3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

Got a feeling we'll be seeing some 9's for this game. All those people who orgasmed at those fake blog reviews might end up looking very silly by the end of the day.

Meus Renaissance3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

Yes, yes. We know they are MS sleeper agents with the goal of undermining Sony.

If you repeat that enough that 9 might actually appear like a 6.

The-Warranty3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

Sooooo Eurogamer does not lean toward the 360?
That's what your saying?

@Below- But haven't our predictions been right? I mean you're telling me that Eurogamer does not have the slightest bit of bias toward the 360? WOW lol

JokesOnYou3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

These guys opinion changes with the wind....every site is biased until they give a ps3 game a 10, its comical really...I even noticed now they try to pre-load their *predictions of bias with statements like "wow thats a great score but I bet ____ site will give it a low score"= Translation: If a site doesn't give the game a high score, they'll say "See I told you, I knew it they are biased" but if the site does in fact give it a high score they say "Wow this game must be great if ____ site gives it the 10 it deserves"....flip, flop, flip, flop, flip, flop....lmfao, they have all the bases covered to make it appear as if they know what their talking about.

lmfao, Now all you have to do is reverse this thinking when applied to any 360 game, and for anything Halo add some extra hate and thats exactly what you'll get on this transparent.


edit, Meus thats exactly what I was trying to say; and YES its a VERY CONVENIENT ATTITUDE.

I wonder what sites are NOT biased according to the extremists...thats a list I've never seen.....

Pizzagaki3946d ago

So, a 9 is bad in comparison to a 9.5?

Did you know the difference between 9 and 9.5 is 0.5?


Meus Renaissance3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

Using that logic, every game reviewed by sites or magazines (especially Eurogamer or EDGE) is basically bias and not accurate and any low review of PS3 games cannot be trusted because there may be bias there too?

Right? There is no such thing as an amazing game on the Xbox 360 and an average game on the PS3. Missing anything?

This coming from someone with the name of Warranty and that avatar? Are you smoking or were you born this way?

3946d ago
The-Warranty3946d ago

That's just about right, since Eurogamers reviews for PS3 games are almost always lower than the other sites.

JonnyBadfinger3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

its funny how any review that gives a Halo game a 9 is considered bullsh*t by the PS3 community. Have you taken the chance to even consider that the game is really that good?

I reckon the game will get a average meta score of about 8.9 to a 9, but the user meta score will be about a 6, simply because the PS3 community will be really eager to shoot it down.

and i LOVE it how if a 360 game is given a good review, the PS3 community start the "oh they were bought out by MS, and oh well its only eurogamer". And may i point out that the PS3 is mostly dominant in Europe.

But Halo gets its 9s because the franchise IS top class, Uncharted is just the new kid in the classroom trying to suck up to the teacher in hopes of good grades and friends, and all it really has going for it is its looks. Shame it lacks the brains.

Rhythmattic3946d ago

As a new 360 owner, I think i'll borrow/rent it first ....

Will give it a go and comment....

Dread3946d ago


u r 100%



i am a halo fan, i love the 360, and i am a gamer who will also get Sony's Uncharted 2, among other Sony games, because it looks amazing. I can find good things about all these games, and would like to have intelligent conversations about the merits and faults of any game..

but in N4G there is a strong hatred towards the 360 and specially Halo. Which makes it almost impossible to talk about the game with out getting hate back. it is truly sad. I think the Sony fans have chip on their shoulders about the problems with their beloved console during the first two years after launch. (o i am sorry the Playstation never had problems it is all media bias)

Meus Renaissance3946d ago

You know people have issues when they agree with Warranty, then disagree with me repeating what Warranty says, then agree with him again when he confirms what I said.

Incoming disagrees...3..2..1

gaffyh3946d ago

Oh what a surprise, Eurogamer gave an Xbox 360 exclusive 9/10 (!).

The-Warranty3946d ago

Well I just think its funny because you guys don't think EG is biased

Its like somehow gaming review sites can't be biased. lol

otherZinc3946d ago

And that was the best 10 minutes of a demo Ive ever played. The game can only look better & play better in single player.

This has next great game written all over it.

ShabzS3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

who cares what the trolls think ... odst will probably hit the low 8's or high 7's...

just look at the top 10 posts ... they're from the same guys that accept low scoring blog reviews with open arms and the high scoring ones with clenched teeth...

odst will be fun regardless...

eagle24013946d ago

Every score is lower on Eurogamer. They hardly ever give perfect 10's. If you want High Scores look at GamesRadar. All They're Games are high scores. That being said, GamesRadar is actually my favorite review site.

vhero3946d ago

Eurogamer gives it a 9 what a shocker!

Sarcasm3946d ago

"Have you taken the chance to even consider that the game is really that good?"

Well some people really have played it. Yeah yeah yeah call me a Sony fanboy, but I actually like the Halo series. But ODST really isn't anything special. 8/10 at most.

3946d ago
dalibor3946d ago

Imo every gaming site has a "preference" that they chose. The only difference is that some gaming sites act professional about it. The good old days of gaming journalism where it wasn't as bad. Even gamers back then were more mellow than nowadays.

bnaked3946d ago

lol, they have praised the grafics..

beans3946d ago

Review scores or not HAlO ODST is going to destroy KZ2 and UC2 combined is sales and re playability.

bnaked3946d ago


lol. Many halo fans don't want to buy ODST.. Its without the master chief and it's a too expensive DLC. Thats what they say.. And don't bash against Uncharted 2! Don't make a fool of yourself!

PS3 Eternal 3rd3946d ago

lol dreams are crushed and they're in their usual state of denial.

Halo ODST will *easily* be the biggest Exclusive this holiday season.

beans3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

Link please? Send any proof of your claim muppet! It's foolish of you to even think what I said was in accurate. BY your logic UC1 was over priced because it was only a single player experience. ODST has a new single player story with new modes maps and stat tracking that goes beyond anything PS3 has ever seen. Don't make me laugh kid.

edit bnaked below: GT5? Dude quit hyping that game seriously. You guys said the same thing about PS3 and it's many exclusives only to be slapped in the face with a dose of reality. I bet your one of those that never thought Wii and 360 would dominate this gen in software and hardware.

edit bnaked: Those are not called friends there called multi accounts. Your 3 buddies don't account for the millions that will pick it up.

Edit: Well maybe your right and it does sell 10 mill who knows. Time will tell I guess. If ODST proves itself to be good then I'm sure your friends my give it a go or rent.

bnaked3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

@PS3 eternal 3rd
Don't underestimate the power of GT5! But ok, ODST will sell strong..

I've read it in many comment sections, and i have talked with some friends..

edit: GT5 is the strongest game for sony, saleswise. And i expect 10 Million sold copies..

edit: I know that ODST will become a hit.. But not all Halo3 owners will buy ODST, because of the reasons i have stated..

deadreckoning6663946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

OMG..they gave Killzone 2 and Batman: AA a 9! How are they biased? They gave Infamous a 9 and that game DID NOT deserve a 9. Hell, OPM gave Infamous an 8.

@bnaked- Thats not logical. Killzone 2 is my MOST played PS3 game and I don't even thk it deserves a 10. The only game Ive ever played in my entire life that I feel that deserves a 10 is GTA: San Andreas and MAYBE
MGS4 if it wasn't for the heavy handed story telling.

BTW: How they say ODST should get a 6 or 7 if they haven't played it yet? Can't it be possible that its JUST THAT GOOD? Watevs man, PS3 fanboys use N4G like its a magical escape where Halo and Modern Warfare aren't successful and don't exist LMAO.

@B- Oh yeah yeah I know. Its THEM, not us lol.

lokiroo4203946d ago

Reading this review and reading uncharted 2 review, yeah, lmao, yeah a 9,lmao.

bnaked3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )


They think, that Killzone 2 deserves a 10, and halo ODST a 6 or 7.. So they call it biased ^^

I've said THEY think... Not I..

Montrealien3946d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

So the Warranty, 9 bubbles already? You must have a very fair and balanced view of this amazing industry we all love....right....oh nm, your are just another anonymous tin foil hat wearing n4g troll. Congrats! want a cracker?

/on topic

Eurogamer or not, this game is very good. It has a great story, solid gameplay and action, great co-op and insane music. what more can you ask for? Bungie hits one out of the park once again. And bringing up Uncharted 2 is useless, most people with actual taste in games will be playing ODST and Uncharted 2 in the next few weeks.

3945d ago
Jamegohanssj53945d ago

This isn't the biased Eurogamer. This is the one that gave MGS4 a 10/10. Their other site is the one that marks most PS3 games with a 7.


Greywulf3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

Everyone knows Halo is going to score well. Because its nonsense reviewers. That complain about games having "too much variety" getting fired for writing opinions, or receiving bribes from eidos & 800 dollar gift kits.

The game is a sham, its a 40 dollar DLC pack. Sure, people will buy it. But, so what? Does that mean that it some how has:

-Good A.I
-Good Visuals
-Good Gameplay

Welp. No, it really doesnt. It just means that sites that seem to never find an ability to ignore Bad A.I, Bad Visuals, and Short campaigns with PS3 games, will still review 360 games higher for the same "non-issues" like bad AI and visuals.

Enjoy Halo!, just like you enjoy Halo Wars, and Halo:Space Adventures 9. Because its really the only thing you're going to play during the 360's lifespan. Oh and Reach is right around the corner!

Xbox360 owners have sunk to a new low, and none of you supporting Halo3's expansion pack are gamers as far as Im concerned because you don't speak with your wallets on nonsense. When PS3 ports suck, they weren't purchased. Then the devs have to turn over backwards to please fans, offer separate demos, and really convince people that everything is OK this time around. Keep accepting DLC for 60.00, and you will get the same exact game, with the same exact engine, year over year as you already have been.

Just like im not buying MW2, or Madden. I aint buying DLC. Not because I think it will hurt anyone, but because I have standards.

But i mean, man was that unrealistic nothing to do with halo commercial sweet!

And im sure you all bought Section 8 too based on Eurogamers "honest" review.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3945d ago

Halo OSDT will fight it out with COD MW2 for the most played game untill Reach comes out. Halo OSDT = a 9 in review and a 10 with million behind it.

aldesko3945d ago

I hope everyone hoping this game gets 9s and 10s realizes they're supporting devs recycling old content into new games. They should've released the ODST version with the old MP for $40-$50 dollars and just the SP campaign and firefight for $30. They could've at least made a separate ODST MP mode where you play as ODSTs instead of spartans.... I mean, the game is the same price as Reach will be (unless they pull an Activision).

But nobody says anything cause Halo fans love getting reamed by MS.

ecb3945d ago

wow. some people cant stop thinking about UC2, huh?

its ok guys. me either :)

jellybalboa3945d ago

i pity the fools at eurogamer for 9/10. they even praised the graphics, they make me maad, lets wait and see when a gamer site makes a killzone vs halo odst comparison, this game deserves 8/10 ughhhhhhhhh.

3945d ago
randomwiz3945d ago

Most games end in trilogy's because developers run out of ideas/the game gets repetitive/they can't add to gameplay or graphics/developers want to end with an epic story. There's only so long that a franchise can be extended.

The games that do go on to more than being trilogy's can do that because they are games without stories, or they are games where the gameplay/graphics change with each game.

Halo ODST is bungie's attempt to change the gameplay a little to prolong the Halo franchise. Although they changed gameplay, they changed it for the worse. They took out the features that defined why Halo was fun.(Im looking specifically at jumping).

Bottomline, a franchise can only be extended so far... ODST shows that bungie is either trying to milk money from you, or they are running out of ideas.

The Shining3945d ago

Its hilarious. Look at the desperate reaction. Halo ODST is still the biggest Exclusive this holiday season, period.

popup3945d ago

Numbers don't mean crap to me on any game that pushes my buttons other than to confirm that I am on the right track,,

There is only one game I would pay twice for this year and I am not going to tell you what it is ;P

The-Warranty3945d ago

lol, Looks like I caused a little bit of a disturbance. ^_^

Montrealien3945d ago

Seeking negative attention and being proud of it is very telling of what kind of a person you are.

REALgamer3945d ago

It's a great time to be a gamer.

Uncharted 2, Halo 3: ODST, Forza 3 and all the multiplatform games coming in the next few months are seriously spoiling us.

No more searching for a great game to play - now it's all about searching for the money to buy them all!

I hope everyone from both parties can get stuck into enjoying these amazing games and stop feeling the need to somehow try and bring down games from the other camp.

3945d ago
popup3945d ago

I know REALGAMER, every platform is like a crying baby at the moment in need of at least a couple of games to feed it. Being into games is so much more expensive today than in 'the good old days'(tm) :)

My fave of the moment is Trials HD

menoyou3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

Eurogamer lol. Watch them give Unchatred 2 an 8/10 while this garbage rehash "Halo ODST" aka DLC pack gets good scores. So predictable.

This site has zero credibility and zero consistency.

Blaster_Master3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

Same guns, same multiplayer maps, same crappy graphics, same enemies, 5 hour SP campaign, with weak ODST characters that are total p*ssies compared to master chief. Yeah this game is about a 9 out of 10 on the retard scale.

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blizzard_cool3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

It's the InFamous(PS3) effect. It's getting 9/10 from some sites and 7/10 from others.

All in all it just lies to the player ;)

EDIT: You can't call them fake. A gamer is a gamer, except that they haven't even played the game -.-'???

gdguide3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

They say the game is quite short, the AI isn't great, the visuals don't push the system, and the MP is mostly Halo 3. How on earth can that equal a 9?

I respect that Halo has hit a sweet spot for gaming in general. But when it's blatantly obvious that this should have been an expansion pack, please reviewers... Don't reward a developer for charging full price for short, rehashed experiences like this. This should have always been a $40 title. I hope some reviewers have the guts to reflect that in the final score.

"With a good campaign mode, the main problem of Halo 3: ODST its duration is somewhat reduced. However, it is still a great game that will please fans and lovers of FPS. The addition of a second disc with one of the best online modes available, can be a decoy for those who have not joined the fight."

You can't review a game, and review it this high just looking at the people who haven't played it yet.

mrv3213946d ago

I agree this should have been a $40, if you remove the Halo 3 multiplayer you are left with a short singleplayer experience which does little to reimagine the FPS genre(remember the killzone 2 review saying the same, well I'll treat Halo 3:ODST the same), the visuals are below standards, the gameplay is fun. Oh and firefight is supposedly insanely good BUT you can only play it with friends which sucks if no one is online.

There's probably been beta's with more multiplayer content than this and they are getting away with charging $60.

I think reviewers are not factoring the fact that all this is is a Singleplayer game with hoarde for $60.

raztad3946d ago


I want to ride on your comment and add that I'm really eager to see how UC2 performs in eurolamer (x diehard fanboys) review.

They managed to scored ODST with a 9 having the game such amount of flaws. How can they score UC2? 12/10? I doubt it.

Sarcasm3946d ago

"the main problem of Halo 3: ODST its duration is somewhat reduced. "

LMAO, that's really the stealthiest way of saying "The game's short!"

Eurogamer, never fail to un-impress.

RememberThe3573945d ago

Bubbles, that was real talk.

ThanatosDMC3945d ago

They're taking $65 (tax included) for the second half the game that didnt fit on the disk. Weird, no?

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Major_Tom3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

No offense or trying to spoil anyones fun but.. It's Eurogamer. They have a permanent hard-on for anything Xbox 360 related.

Not that I don't want this game to do well, I'm just saying Eurogamer really isn't all that credible. Especially after reading their LOLREVIEW of Section 8.


SiteNblog Defender3945d ago

Mommy, mommy. Halo got a 9. Waaahhh!

Major_Tom3945d ago

Why would I care if a video game got 9? It's a video game lol.

Major_Tom3946d ago

It kinda began with those over zealous pirated fan reviews.

mrv3213946d ago

4 days ago a review according to you is fake because it's too early... but now the high scores are coming out it's the actual trend.

Omega43946d ago

It begin nows because these reviews are REAL from people who have jobs to review games not PS3 fanboys faking it

mrv3213946d ago

Or from people who got the game early and isn't funded by Microsoft advertising... you COULD also look at it that way you know.

Major_Tom3946d ago

I didn't realize being a video game reviewer was such a badge of honor in cub scouts.

Darkeyes3946d ago

Frankly Omega, I don't care a sh!t what score Halo gets cause half of them just give it a 9 for the brand name... It has retarded AI and crap graphics and gets 9 ya right... Enjoy your DLC expansion while I enjoy Uncharted 2..... A True master piece.

Omega43946d ago

Here we go the funded by MS routine *sigh* you guys need to change the record. Sony funded those U2 reviews by IGN and GR if you didnt know why do you think they were the ONLY ones released early?

All those fanboys reviews werent funded by MS but by their hatred for Halo and MS

Major_Tom3946d ago

You do kind of have to wonder what the goodie bags included this time.

3946d ago
3946d ago
The-Warranty3946d ago

Since when are PSML biased? ave you seen their reviews? lol

Boody-Bandit3946d ago

"It begin nows because these reviews are REAL from people who have jobs to review games not PS3 fanboys faking it"

Yet yesterday he approved then complain about a FAKE review praising ODST and giving it a perfect 10.

mrv3213946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

There's no point comparing Halo 3:ODST to Uncharted 2 there's no competition there atleast compare Halo 3:ODST to a 2 year old game let's say Uncharted drakes fortune

I decided to update my photo's as someone complained, I wanted in-game screenshots that showed the hud. I know the Uncharted one shows no ammunition counter but in third person (not shooting) mode those disapear.


mrv3213946d ago

Hey Omega by repeating facts I'm a broken record... Let me check the facts again

Ermm... Accross the world their are gaming websites, such as IGN Gamespot and Gametrailers allmost all of the people who go on them are gamers... FACT

Microsoft and Sony and Nintendo makes games to sell to gamers.

To sell Games you must make sure people know about them either via advertising or press.

These gaming companies sell advertising space on their website to promote a game

Gaming websites RELY on this advertising reveneue if they give a game a bad score who would want to fund the reviews?

I believe those are the facts.

WiiFit3946d ago

I love it how you choose the worst ODST pic to compare