The Good and Bad About Halo 3 - So Far

After an entire week of playing the beta, what works and what needs to be fixed is more evident than ever.

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AkUmAzRaGe lRl4479d ago (Edited 4479d ago )

I like the fact that halo 3 has some mix reviews it will only make the game better.This beta is just a taste of whats to come in nov.The first halo had tons of bad review before the game came out and look what happen best seller on the xbox.

Lyberator4479d ago

This is what beta tests are for.

gta_cb4478d ago

yeh i agree aswell, and with this only being a beta, things can hopefully only get better =D

snoop_dizzle4478d ago

if the beta does bad because that will give Bungie even more incentive to make Halo 3 better.

gta_cb4478d ago

the beta comes out 2morrow, are you going to be playing?

BitbyDeath4478d ago

They listed this under as good?

"the multiplayer looked a lot like Halo 2. Almost instantly, we began referring to Halo 3 as Halo 2 HD"

Still getting through it but if that's the good then i'd hate to see what the bad is! :-s

Satanas4478d ago

Graphically perhaps, but the gameplay totally kills Halo 2's.

gta_cb4478d ago

you should slam it before you have tried it. but looking at your profile i doubt you have an Xbox 360, do you?

BitbyDeath4478d ago

nup i don't, i'm only getting one console, but will be playing this game at my friends houses

Drew4478d ago

What? Playing it for a week? It's been out for only a couple thousand people for three days. Hardly a week. A drive to get traffic? I think so. It looks amazing, and nothing like Halo 2. The art style is similar, but what do you expect? It's Halo. If you were to change the art style, it just wouldn't feel right.

gta_cb4478d ago

EXACTLY! thank you! and yeh not actually a week lol

BitbyDeath4478d ago

Most of the bad things didn't concern me too much except for the Sniper Rifle. They better fix that one up

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The story is too old to be commented.