Metal Gear Solid 5 Wii exclusive...What if?

Nintendo Dpad:
"Starting on the MSX2, then following on the Nes, the Metal Gear series has had its popularity go through the roof in the last 20 years, but we have only seen 2 Metal Gear games on a Nintendo platform. What if the next installment came to Wii, as an exclusive? We examine where the series could go, if released on the Wii. But be aware, things could get very different."

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Product3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

MGS4 is the only title where i really regret not owning a Ps3....yet.

Product3941d ago

Why would i want to buy something that is $300 dollars just for one game, even if that one game is Metal Gear Solid?

It's not about being cheap, i could buy it if i wanted, I don't see the need right now is all.

A_Little_Girl3941d ago

metal gear solid 4 is the best. ur missing out on a masterpiece

DAVID BRENT3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

'why so seriousssss' did you not see the smiley face? some 'gamers' on n4g sheesh, chillax my friend

Darkeyes3941d ago

Lol... So you aren't excited about Uncharted 2, God Of War 3, TLG.. ? MGS4 is a true masterpiece, but judging from the reviews UC2 is getting, it might just (may I dare say) top it... Also, there is KZ2, Infamous, UC1, Resistance and many other franchises to be hyped up about....

Not owning a PS3 means you miss out on the best games made this gen. Jump in quickly before the boat leaves.

Product3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

Actually I'm not excited by any of those games. If all games for Ps3 that are in development released this year, I would buy only 2 titles, MGS4 and GT5. Just different strokes for different folks.

I am however excited for Bioshock 2 but it got pushed back.

Also i don't know why you guys think I'm being to serious :/

DAVID BRENT3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

if he believes theres only one (chuckle) game on ps3 then thats his perogative, different strokes for ...ahh you know the rest

A_Little_Girl3941d ago

i agree with david brent. stop taking everything too serious product. and i also agree with darkeyes. you're missing on a great game, plus. ps3 got lots of game ur missing out on. valkyria chronicles, rachet and clank, uncharted, disgaea, afrika, folklore and many more which im too tired to list

Product3941d ago

For you guys who have played the games you said, I could see why you guys like them as all of those are great games from what I hear, they are just not my taste is all.

DAVID BRENT3941d ago

..(runs and ducks for cover).......

Product3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

Games I'm into:
Unreal Tournament 2003/2004 (No one plays 99 anymore)
Metroid Prime
Dead Space
Gran Turismo
Metal Gear Solid <--- The original on PS1 is still my favorite game ever made
Resident Evil 1/2 (after that the series fell apart in my eyes)
Retro games (Megaman, Street Fighter, Contra, Castlevania, etc. etc. etc.)

Among many others, but we should actually stay on topic

Edit @ below
There is no bias, if I feel I would like it I would play it.
@ Below...below

So out of all the information i gave you the last word was most important :)

rucky3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

You sure there's no bias in your heart? How can you tell whether those games are your taste or not without trying em? Or maybe you just prefer hand-waggling in your games now.

DAVID BRENT3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

do you get tired? i played my nephews and i sweated like a crip in blood territory,not for me man im a lazy gamer only thing moving are my fingers :)

ps921173941d ago

It would sell like crap like most hardcore games on the wii. It would be a huge step down from MGS4 do to the technology. PS3 also will get motion controller so no gain there either. In other words it would be a huge disappointment for both sides consumer and producer.

RockmanII73941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

Or are opinions against the N4G code?

On Topic - I would be upset if that happened. I'm trying to sell my Wii, and that could make it a lot harder.

BulletToothtony3941d ago

i know exactly what u meant.. i by NO means try to sound as a fanboy, but when i think about the 360 the only game that interests me is Fable2, now most if not all 360 owners would be like, what about mass effect, halo, gears etc etc..

And i have no interest in them.. i just don't. But i'll tell u what, RFoM, and Uncharted are true master pieces, not saying that as a fanboy, i believe that i would enjoy GeOW 1 and 2 and i'm missing out, but i'm just sharing with you that at least those 2 games are amazing, not as good as mgs4 since it was the best game i've ever played.

But the ps3 is really worth the price, imo.. killzone2 as well is worth to buy.. anyhow.. just wanted to share some info from a non-fanboy point of view..

Keowrath3940d ago

Product, if MGS1 is your favourite game ever, you owe it to yourself to at least borrow a PS3 and MGS4. I personally preferred MGS3 to 1 but it's a close call as I think the whole series is just amazing.

I can understand how you feel, I see your list of games that you play and as they say, different strokes for different folks. I'm not a huge FPS gamer or driving game gamer. GT5, Forza, I really don't care about, Modern Warfare2, Halo ODST, I couldn't care less if either of these titles ever got developed.

Everyone likes different stuff. I'm looking foraward to the new Castlevania above all other games at the moment. I bet theres not many other people in that same situation.

That being said, go break into a PS3 users house and play MGS4 while they sleep (remember not to overwrite their save though) =)

v1c1ous3940d ago

the only games i have bought personally are MGS4 and UNcharted.

aside from those 2, my ps3 is being mainly as a blu-ray player.

n4f3940d ago

what game were you for making you sweat like that cause otherwise ur just fat then and cold die from a heart stroke anytime....

gaffyh3940d ago

@Product - MGS4 comes a very close second to MGS1, MGS1 is also my favorite game, and 4 is the second best in the series.

raztad3940d ago

No way in hell MGS5 is gonna be a Wii exclusive. Maybe the Wii can get a rail shooter spinoff "MGS wand" and that is.

MGS5 is a PS3 exclusive, I'm sure of it. Kojima needs BR, needs HD technology for its new masterpiece, not to mention that the fanbase is already in the PS3.

ABizzel13940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

First off the Wii would never get a major installment of MGS unless the Wii skyrockets to 100 million consoles sold over night. Kojima and his teams already stated 100's of times that they prefer working with the PS3 and recently the 360, because to off few limitations besides DVD and lack of HDD for the 360, and learning how to use the Cell for the PS3. Therefore, a Wii title is highly unlikely unless it's a spin off or a port of one of the older games.

@ Product

Well if you like MGS4 then you should try Uncharted as well, it may not have the same story or gameplay, but to me the games are kind of similar in spirit. Stealth Action/Shooters except MGS has a great emphasis on Stealth and Uncharted has a greater emphasis on shooting and platforming.

deadreckoning6663940d ago

It wouldn't sell, since games like MGS4 do appeal to people who have Wiis. Unless the gameplay is changed DRAMATICALLY to cater to the casual.

Product3940d ago


Uncharted is not my kind of game. Stealth is becoming an oversaturated market for me personally. Stealth was awesome when it was practically created in MGS1, but beyond that i liked the setting of MGS1 with its cold industrial feel. Uncharted looks to be just a modern day Indiana Jones/National Treasure with a little more edge.

In saying tht I think Uncharted looks great, prolly plays great, but from what i have seen it is just not my taste.

cyberwaffles3940d ago

don't see how you wii/360 fanboys say stuff like that. ps3 is allotting a lot more triple A games than any competitive console at the moment. i guess people want to root for the underdogs since sony has pretty much owned gaming the last couple of generations.

ChickeyCantor3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

" on't see how you wii/360 fanboys say stuff like that. ps3 is allotting a lot more triple A games than any competitive console at the moment. "

Who gives about triple A if you arent interested in the games?
You can cry and scream how awesome those games are but if someone is not interested in the triple A status won't matter.

Of course to you but then again these are called opinions.

I know exactly how Product feels.
However i played MGS4 and i loved it...but thats the only game i finished on the PS3...I havnt played all those " triple " A games...not because i think they are lame, but simply because it doesnt grab my attention much.
Also when i get home from work all i wanna do is sleep.

cyberwaffles3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

what i'm trying to say is the ps3 has a lot of games and you are bound to find something good on it. i always hear people who love their 360's or whatever but say stuff like "theres nothing on the ps3 that interests me." you have to try out games and see if you like them. i would've never liked final fantasy, the metal gear solid series, battlefield and some other games if i hadn't given it a chance and what do you know, i think they're all great games. why miss out on games simply because you're not sure whether you would like them or not? i'm going to buy GT5 since i've always heard good things about the series and i want to try something new to see if i like it.

i think people should experiment more with games instead of riding them off due to uncertainty.

EDIT: also, he said he liked games like bioshock and dead space, so maybe he would be interested in killzone 2, uncharted, or resistance? hell, maybe socom too even though that game is more hardcore than anything else. if you can find games on the 360 and the wii that you like, then you can definitely find games to like on the ps3 because there's a mixture of all genres on it.

P.S. i bought uncharted september 1st since i've heard good things about it and now it's one of my favorite games. another example of experimenting with games.

Product3940d ago

Killzone is nothing like Dead Space or Bioshock. I love single player games with a lot of atmosphere, exploration, and uniqueness to them. Metroid Prime had those and so have some others, but just because i don't want to play games on the PS3 you guys think you are right.

Have you played MDK on the pc? How about Flashback? Lets talk about underground games, that are better than most next generation games are. Just because I have a preference for certain games doesn't mean what you like is what I should like.

Do you like Chakan: The Forever Man? What you haven't heard of it? Well you should check it out. What? You are not going to? Then i respect that. That last part everyone should do with me if I don't want to play your game.

You people are just way to serious with what games you like.
Not everyone will want to play some with it.

RedPawn3940d ago

1-up for brutal honesty.

Gr813939d ago

I never thought I'd see the day when you'd be done to one bubble, lol.

Product3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

When you have to explain every answer, bubbles become obsolete.

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El Botto3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

Wii kid, what if your momma turns out to be a guy?

Ahahaha everythings possible, aint it? Hahaha

And also, MGS5 is already PSP exclusive. Its called PEACE WALKER, retard.

Article is a massive piece of nonsense and wishful kidding that only a 12 year old with high imaginary powers can rival.

Razzy3941d ago

"Imagine sneaking up behind a guard, putting a gun to his head, using him as a shield, (all done with the WiiMotionPlus) and negotiating with other guards to drop their weapons? Once they did you could point the Wii remote at the screen and try for headshots."

It sounded like a wonderful dream too. I'll bet the writer dreamt it up & awoke in a pool of sweat screaming " was was SOOOO real!!" *sob*

ulissesnascim3941d ago

Great ideas. Obviously, if Kojima wanted he'd have some other amazing ideas and make this an awesome game. Actually it'd be the surprise of the generation if the Wii had MGS5 exclusively.

fafoon3941d ago

And Xbox's might never ever RRoD again