Europe is a creative power-house, offering up some of the most exciting and marketable games and franchises in worldwide gaming. As part of our global editorial focus, Next Generation is proud to present the top 50 developers in Europe, and the European nations that provide the most to the game industry.

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Robotz Rule4264d ago

Go Guerilla Games!

I can't wait for Killzone 2!

Babylonian4263d ago

This is what I get sick of, you only give your opinion and some people don't tolerate that.

I'm with you man, I like Killzone too and can't wait for it either. You get my agree.

predator4263d ago

good to see rare up there

nix4263d ago

pity most of the "gamers" are busy playing fanboys!

id dot entity4263d ago

Europe is doing great. Stupid that Triumph isn't on the list though. Stupid PlayLogic is.