GT: Splinter Cell Conviction Exclusive Developer Diary

Sam Fisher represents at PAX with new moves, gadgets and more!

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deadreckoning6664817d ago

Friggin Sick...the co-op ill be crazy!

Bugs Bunny4817d ago

Looks freaking fantastic.

KingKionic 4817d ago

See kids even bugs bunny like splinter cell : conviction .

Blaze9294817d ago

Can't wait to get this game in my hands. Im a Tom Clancy nut! lol. Except for EndWar, RTSs just suck imo. Anyway really cant wait for this game, gonna be hella sick. After that bring on GRAW 3 and a new Rainbow Six Ubisoft please

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Peter North4817d ago

Awesome, I'm looking forward to hearing the impressions from the Beta.

Dutch Boogie4817d ago

LOL Peter killed it man. Open zone is always good for a laugh.

NMC20074817d ago (Edited 4817d ago )

Oh snap! LOL! I gotta give you that one, nice.
Be sure you give us your impressions sometime in 2011. :P

LONEWOLF2314817d ago

lol, im just glad that i am able to play the beta and the complete experience!

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Dutch Boogie4817d ago

Very good. Beta test this one for us also.

Tr10wn4817d ago

Ugh because Tales of Vesperia got more content on the PS3 that means every game ported from the 360 to the PS3 are betas? pfft noobs you guys even know what timed exclusive means?

N4PS3G4817d ago (Edited 4817d ago )

There's an extended version of this video at tion that shows Sam's goggles & the new Thermal-Night vision mode.

but you have to register :S

KingKionic 4817d ago (Edited 4817d ago )


Great .

Ok....i just saw the end of video .

I still dont like ubisoft`s decision for delaying it.....but it was great to see sam`s googles again .

KingKionic 4817d ago

Dont resist !

Release it !

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