IGN: Halo In Five Minutes

Catch up on the epic story before you play ODST.

Spoilers ahead!

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Eamon4817d ago

Yeah, I'm hoping that the next Halo game after Reach will follow up the ending of Halo 3.
Although I doubt Bungie will work on another Halo until the next xbox comes out.

KingKionic 4817d ago

Yeah...halo 4 wont come till next xbox .

It will be a launch title .

Turn 10 Studios4817d ago

Halo is the God of FPS

just like Forza is Teh God Of Racing Sim

Pandamobile4817d ago

You sound like a 12 year old whose first gaming system was the Xbox 360.

You can't possibly think that.

Panthers4817d ago

Its cool seeing the whole story like that. Especially since Ive only played Halo 1 & 2. I REALLY want to play Halo Wars and Halo 3, but I need a 360.

jjohan354817d ago

I always felt the AI in the Halo games were a bit brainless. Just massive waves of enemy AI.

The two things I will always give props to Bungie: 1. Amazing soundtrack in every game they produced in the Halo franchise. 2. The expansive battlefield during combat.

Montrealien4817d ago

Halo is one hell of a solid franchise, and ODST does not dissapoint. Bungie sure know how to make a compeling shooter, at least I think so.

RockmanII74817d ago

"You listen to what he has to say, then you kill him to death"

I found this funny

ReservoirDog3164817d ago

Makes me want to replay Halo 1. I haven't played it in years.

shadow27974817d ago

I only ever played Halo games at friends' houses, so story wasn't very important at the time. It's interesting to see this. However, it's still very complicated, especially due to the short time constraint. I think after a couple more views, I may actually understand it though.

I loved the tongue-in-cheek humor in this though. Especially the end. Haha.

ShadowCK4817d ago

Excellent Video. Very informative and helpful.

Obviously this will help the people who have not played any of the previous Halo games.

XLiveGamer4817d ago


Ok i have an assignment for everybody.

Watch this and pay close attention to it:

Did you notice the difference in graphics?

Go back and take a look at 0:50/1:00

Does this trailer have something to do with REACH? because The whole trailer have nothing to do with HALO 3 or ODST.

TheAntiFanboy4817d ago (Edited 4817d ago )

I love the Halo franchise. Thus, I will say this.


The story stopped making any sense when Halo 2 came out. Sorry Bungie, I don't like your trilogy, but thanks for at least going to Reach, since the books were awesome.

Shepherd 2144816d ago

The story to the Halo series is amazing. Its a space opera story, and is becoming as deep as the star wars universe. Compelling music from Marty O'Donnell just like John Williams. Epic story that has multiple, intertwining characters, just like the star wars films. Unique and beautiful artistic design, just like star wars. Several novels and comics to expand the background story of the Halo universe, just like star wars.

Its a great universe, i cant wait for Reach and ODST. It amazes me how different it is from star wars though, and thats good that they tried to be different. Its kinda like how Uncharted tries really hard to be different from Indiana Jones, and pretty much pulls it off.

kalebgray924816d ago

kinda repetitive .... mass effect 2 has a wayyyy better deep space story... but then again halo is known for is gameplay and multiplayer so whatever

Shepherd 2144816d ago (Edited 4816d ago )

Yea well you probably havent read the novels either, or if i asked, you probably wouldnt be able to explain hardly anything i asked you about the story. Only the people who dont really understand it dont appreciate it. Thats ok though, it is the video game world you cant expect the same kind of intelligence you get from the film world.

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militant074817d ago

wow pretty complicated,

i dodnt know HALO had a big story like this ( didnt play HALO 2 nor Halo Wars )

ShabzS4817d ago

love that cutscene... shows why you shouldnt mess with a spartan

RSX4817d ago

That scene was pretty badass

cereal_killa4817d ago

IGN: Halo In Five Minutes : I thought this game was suppose to be like 4-5 hours long this only took them 5 minutes to finish I KID I KID!!!

MajorJackHoff4817d ago

Halo: In 5 seconds.

You turn it on.
You Shoot some aliens and drive around.
You beat the game and then play multiplayer for awhile.
The end.

kaveti66164817d ago

Gears of War 1 & 2
Resistance 1 @ 2
Half-Life 1,2, Episode 1 & 2
Killzone 1 & 2
Doom 1,2,3
Quake 1,2,3,4

Timesplitter144817d ago

Yeah well Half-Life goes a little deeper than that.

There's science n' stuff. Also physics puzzles

Montrealien4817d ago

lol @ Half life goes "deeper"

they are shooters ffs, what are we expecting here?

give us interesting characters, good story, solid shooting and great action. If you don't like any of the above, avoid shooters all together.

The end.

IQUITN4G4817d ago (Edited 4817d ago )

While probably a joke, this is exactly why people have such a daft and ill informed ignorant opinion of it - they haven't played it long enough to have the first clue from their first impressions

At a glance it looks to play just like any other shooter of it's type but there is real depth past it's initial arcade style play

Halo is quite easily the best game of it's type

Funky Town_TX4817d ago (Edited 4817d ago )

and don't forget fun. We play LAN parties for hours on Halo. The best of times. We have one planned at work in October. 100" HD screens, 4 people per console with 4 consoles. I can't wait.

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