GMRFM: Forza 3 Hands on Impressions

GMRFM "As myself and Grahame walked into Microsoft HQ, we had a simple plan. He'd go have a look at ODST, which we'll talk about on Sunday, and I'll look at Forza 3. After all, I'd been playing Forza 2 all week, so I shouldn't look like too much of an idiot playing the game. But I need not have worried...much"

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KingKionic 4817d ago

I dont know this website...but obviously they had fun.


DonCorneo4817d ago

and Shift already is ugly

(maybe it looks good on a high end pc, but it's not on my 360)

Shadow Man4817d ago

so insecure... about his ps3.

KingKionic 4817d ago

Oh ...

Nice hands on impressions of the game gmfrmb.

N4PS3G4817d ago

"Overall it looks like Turn 10 have completely outdone themselves here. From the short demo we played, it looked and played amazingly well and there's no doubt about it, the physics simulation in Forza 3 is the best I've experienced on any console so far."


Peter North4817d ago

Snorza 3 reminds me of San Franciso Rush.

Shadow Man4817d ago

I would love to have as much free time as you.

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