WARNING: Hackers posing as Developers (Call of Duty: World at War)

JD_2020 writes: "It has come to our attention that console hackers have found a way impersonate other Xbox LIVE Gold Gamertags.

This affects the Call of Duty community as some hackers are impersonating the "JD 2020" Gamertag, which is the Treyarch community manager's Gamertag. They are then tricking users into sending them money, Microsoft Points, or personal information under the pretext that they are a developer and will reward you with something (i.e. flashing clan tags, Map Packs, etc).

The vulnerability is strictly a cosmetic hack / mod which affects only the display name; people's accounts who are impersonated are actually completely safe & secure. Microsoft has been made aware of this issue and is investigating it as we speak.

In the meantime, it is important you understand myself nor any representative of our games will ever personally ask you for money, personal information, Microsoft Points, etc in exchange for anything. Any and all transactions on LIVE should take place via the official Xbox LIVE Marketplace.


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Pandamobile3953d ago

What kind of retard falls for phishers. If you give your password to someone, you deserve to lose it for being so god damn stupid.

thebudgetgamer3953d ago

if you are dumb enough to give out your password you deserve it.

Biggunz3953d ago

True...but you would think a premium service would be more secure.

lokiroo4203953d ago

You guys are going to make great parents.

evrfighter3953d ago

"True...but you would think a premium service would be more secure."

welcome to the real world buddy.

what? you think mmo accounts are 100% safe? mmo gamers pay $15/month
and still have to wonder if they'll ever get hacked.

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wxer3953d ago

lol and the xbots always talk about xbox live and say
" bu teh superior online an an we got hackerz on XBL cuz cuz we pay 50 $"

Biggunz3953d ago

Live is such a great, wonderful, secure system...worth every penny.

The Hunter3953d ago

He (JD_2020) is Community Leader for Treyarch.. Like Robert Bowling but then for IW!!

So NO, the letter is NOT FAKE ;)

CernaML3953d ago

Uh.. don't you know what "j/k" means?

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