ARS: 15 beta codes for MAG on the PS3, and we're not sharing

ARS: After the giveaway for the Brutal Legend demo codes, I became a little cynical. Why give stuff away if all anyone is going to do is complain about GameStop and argue about demos? I'm giving you guys stuff, and all I get are complaints, complaints, complaints.

So when a reader, who wishes to remain anonymous, picked up a stack of codes for the MAG beta at PAX this year and sent them in as a gift for other Ars Technica readers, I was tempted to do the right thing and give them away. But I decided not to. To hell with that. I'm keeping all of them.

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Spike473941d ago

with each and every day that passes.

-EvoAnubis-3941d ago

Yeah, you'll like the video. Better watch it fast....

morganfell3941d ago

Well they are definitely worth it. I played my first rounds in the beta last night before the weekend shutdown and holy crap that game is a blast.

pixelsword3940d ago

...Lord willing, in a week or two, look for the acronym "S.W.O.R.D." that I will introduce to the developers of MAG in the Beta Forum (if I can still get in... I couldn't and I was in the first MAG beta lol) because it will be a much needed addition to FPS if the adopt it. If not, I'll publish it in my blog.

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mrv3213941d ago

Are these American codes?

thereapersson3941d ago

Why do I always find out about this stuff WAY too late...

Major_Tom3941d ago

It's cuz N4G gets new's generally way too late.

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The story is too old to be commented.