The PSPgo Unboxed

IGN unboxes the the new and highly anticipated PSPGo

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Madusha3946d ago

Doesn't it just look spectacular? I just love the look.

Battlefield3946d ago

Yeah, it's not your average portable gaming console.

3946d ago
heroicjanitor3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

Looks like he is trying his best to act like it's not out of the ordinary to do this... I don't know about you but I am excited when I get a new entertainment device! lol at how long it took them to figure out the charger

@above That's because the ps3 is being sold at below it's value, and the psp go is portable and does a lot. You can get a laptop for 500 that does half of what a desktop does for 300. It is worth the money, regardless of the amazing value of the ps3. An ipod touch costs more than this and does less(and looks worse imo)

Panthers3946d ago

Instead of comparing it to the PS3, I would like to compare it to the $205 Wii. The PSP Go is a much better value than the $250 you would spend on the Wii. So in my mind, it is a great value.

CaptainKratos3946d ago

when you slide it up its going to be secure right? i dont want to playing a game then "peeew" the screen slides down.-__-

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Battlefield3946d ago

I've asked this a few times, can't Microsoft afford a Xbox portable? Is that way their consoles don't have as much power as Sony's?

Peter North3946d ago

The Zune flopped and the hype around the Zune HD has completely died down, they won't try again after the poor sales of the Zune HD come out.

Battlefield3946d ago

The white looks 10X better IMO, more colors will definitely be made soon, possibly gold? :D

krouse933946d ago

I preordered the White one from Gamestop

blusoops3946d ago

Preordered the white from amazon. I had a black PSP 2000 and hated all the smudges and fingerprints. It looks awesome out of the box, but after 5 min of use, not so much. White all the way for me.

militant073946d ago

White electron looks very good IMO, and when black get scratched its look horrible so white is best

Peter North3946d ago

The PSP Go is a revolutionary mobile handheld, it is a day 1 purchase for gamers.

RockmanII73946d ago

Whats revolutionary about it?

LukaX233946d ago

They treat the thing like crap. If it were a brand new Zune HD they'd be saying sh*t like, "It's really slim, sexy and powerful."

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