MTV: 'Halo 3' Sneak Peek: Three Things Every Beta Player Must Do

On Wednesday, more than a million Xbox 360 owners will be able to download and play an advance version of the system's biggest game of 2007, "Halo 3." Last Friday, a select few hundred were allowed to walk into a Manhattan nightclub and play it then and there.

Reporters and press people were there, athletes and celebrities made the guest list for a "Halo 3" free-for-all at the Blvd club on Manhattan's Lower East Side. The eight-hour event started at 3 p.m. in the darkened club. There were couches and "Halo 3" signs. There was a miniature Master Chief helmet in one glass display case and some Xbox 360s painted by Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson in others. More importantly, there were flat-screen TVs running the multiplayer-only "Halo 3" beta and employees from the game's development studio, Bungie, on hand to explain the three-week public trial of the game - and to inform MTV News of the three things that everyone who plays the beta must do in it.

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Havince4484d ago

UK TIME ??????

if its before 4pm im happy

gta_cb4483d ago

well i have been asking for someone to tell me but no one has =(

i am going to be checking till about 2am (UK) but i doubt it will be available here at that time with america being 5-7 hours behind (depending on which state)