Dante's Inferno: How Not To Promote A Game 101

Isaiah Taylor of The Start Screen talks about how the advertising and promotional stunts surrounding Electronic Arts "Dante's Inferno" may have gimped the game before it had a chance to prove itself.

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mrv3213948d ago

It seems to have gotten us to talk about the game quite a bit.

Saaking3947d ago

This game is a complete and blatant ripoff of GOWIII

AliTheBrit3947d ago

^^ Oh man shut up

the only thing it has in similar is its a hack and slash

So what if the gameplay is similar to god of war? imagine a world where games weren't created in fear they would be too similar to other titles.

What a crappy selection of games we would have.

At the time Call of Duty was said to be a rip-off of Medal of Honor

Now imagine if they had never made COD because it would be too much like MOH.

dustgavin3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

Thanks for the PM followed by the block. Truly the work of a scared child not wanting his feelings hurt.

This game looks like a weekend rental at best.

Bboy_Izilla3948d ago

But will it get you to buy it?

mrv3213948d ago

Yeah, I like the look of the game and the advertising campaigns made me laugh so why not.

Bboy_Izilla3948d ago

Are you talking about the cheesy diary segments [which over use the term 'epic'] or are you talking about the live promotional stunts. They all made me laugh, but not enough to make me want to pull out my wallet. Maybe they'll show more gameplay that doesn't look like a carbon copy of God of War.

iceman063946d ago

That the developers of the game are using the term EPIC to refer to the form of poetry that is the source material for the game and not the pop culture references that you hear shouted all over the internet. That being said...I don't think that this or ANY GAME has the EPIC scope and viability of a poem that has been around since 1321!!!

red2tango3947d ago

I will only buy God of War 3, sorry Dante

gamejediben3947d ago

EA better be careful...

Kratos does not like copycats

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The story is too old to be commented.